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We just finished our most recent health course here at the farm (see comments from delegates below). The course was really excellent but the week in another way was disturbing. Growth is everywhere in the mountain Spring, the grass, trees, flowers, 14 new baby chicks and over 40 baby ducks (see the story of 'Yellow' below if you missed it last week).

But having the babies brings us to mortality as well. Many of the little fluff balls just don't make it. Then best and dear friends last week seemed to be dying at a rate of one a day. After a few mornings I wanted to stop answering the phone as calls came in from around the world telling of another friend or loved one gone.

So I have been thinking deeply and as I tend to do at such reflective times delving both into scientific and religious books. Consequently this message has to do with the Quantum aspects of life and health.

The theme of the health course is that health has three foundations, exercise, nutrition and attitude (or consciousness). Each plays on the other reinforcing the next into an upwards (or downward) spiral. Eat well and you feel like getting up and moving about. Do this and you begin to have a better attitude which makes you want to eat better and so forth, etc. and on and on.

But the controller of all this is consciousness. The attitude and desire to be healthy, the belief that we are healthy or are going to be is the key that makes everything else work.

“Where does this attitude come from?” To answer this we have to look at the Quantum aspects of life. Doing this can help us with our wealth as well because the foundations of wealth have the same attitude root!

Begin with our physical selves which to our five senses looks, feels, smells, tastes and sounds solid. Yet if science is to be believed we know that we are not.

We are told (and most of us believe) that if we dig deep enough we'll find that the solid stuff that makes us is just a bunch of molecules swirling around one another separated by vast amounts (in relative terms, the molecules are as far from each other as earth is to the sun) of space. And as you'll see in a minute if we believe it, it is real.

Plus we also believe that if we look deeper we find that even these molecules are not solid, but are again composed by bits of stuff we call atoms swirling in vast amounts of space. Nor is this the end. These atoms are also broken down into even tinier parts, electrons, neutrons, protons that are made of even smaller bosons, quarks and such.

Finally we reach a point where these smallest bits act differently than any way we can imagine in our physical world.

This is their Quantum state, a place where the essence of all physical things sometimes acts like bits of matter and other times acts like energy.

Here is the crunch. Science tells us that it is the act of observation, or our intention or attention that determines whether these bits are energy or stuff. In other words if science is to be believed, we literally create the universe in which we live. This first dramatically came home to me when I read an article in USA Today entitled, “Quantum Computer” which states Atomic Quantum computers (QC) will probably take the world into the next era of information technology. The QC works in Qubits of processing power and has a different type of logic (which works on the principles of quantum mechanics) that makes their speed immense. For example a forty qubit (IBM labs have already created up to three qubit computers) processor would have all the power of today's super computers, but would be enormously faster. A Quantum computer would be a billion times faster than a Pentium III PC. According to the article, a current super computer trying to find one number in a database of all the world's phone books would take one month. A quantum computer would take 27 minutes! Labs around the world are pushing this science hard. IBM, Hewlett-Packard, Bell Labs, UC Berkeley are just a few U.S. concerns that have invested heavily in this technology. Because these computers will be able to break any type of code or encryption, the CIA, Pentagon etc. are both very nervous yet interested all at the same time. The government has set up a well-funded quantum computer lab at the Los Alamos National Laboratory. The point? What I am about to write is not science fiction nor airy-fairy stuff. Billions are already being invested by some of the largest companies and governments in the world. Yet all this investing is in something none of us may be able to understand or even worse can't even believe. According to the article, Charles Bennett, IBM's best known quantum computer scientist says, “It takes a great deal of courage to accept these things. If you do, you have to believe in a lot of other strange things.” MIT's Neil Gershenfeld, who with IBM's Issac Chuang built the most successful Quantum computer to date, says, “Nature knows how to compute. We just don't know how to ask the right questions.” Here is how the computer works. All atoms have a spin of up or down, so scientists can use these spins in the same way that transistors are currently used in today's computers to represent a 0 or 1. So far so good, but here is where the quantum factors come in that are the source of the amazing power of these computers. Atoms can have both an up or down spin at the same time until they are measured. The act of measuring forces the atom to choose between up or down. In essence what these scientists are saying is it's not the atom that has the spin, but the act of observation! In other words, these computers do not depend on matter but on motion. Remember I am simply passing on what USA Today says IBM, Hewlett Packard, the U.S. Government and others are spending billions on right now. But Quantum weirdness does not end here. The article continues by saying that qubits don't do calculations in linear form like current computers. They instead do all possible calculations at the same time, straddling all possible answers until the act of measuring the qubits forces them to settle on an answer. Weirder still? According to the article, the Quantum computer holds an infinite number of right answers for an infinite number of universes (remember I am not writing this, the USA Today article and the computers already exist). The computer just gives you the right answer for the universe you happen to be in at the time. To believe in Quantum computers (which our government and private industry is spending billions on) we have to believe in parallel universes.

This is hard to grasp and then it gets even harder! Quantum computers gain even more power because of a process called entanglement. When two atoms are observed by the same force, they become entangled and remain so even though they may be light years apart. Their spins are in all positions at once, but the instant one entangled atom is observed its spin goes one way. At that same instant, the spin of the other particle locks in the opposite direction (even though they are then light years apart). This is essential to the increased speed of Quantum computers. Today's computers are limited to the speed, which an electron can pass through a wire (the speed of light). With entanglement, a quantum computer's speed can blow by today's computers because the shift in spin even over light years is instantaneous! In addition because of entanglement according to USA Today, there are ways to do Star Trek type teleportation. Remember I am not writing these words. According to USA Today, Stan Williams of Hewlett-Packard says, “The potential is so huge and it would be so disruptive it could completely change the way at least some computing is done.”

So in short our attitude, our attention or intention or focus or beliefs or let's use the word faith is what creates our world.

This explains many phenomenon (such as faith healing) make these ideas very scientific. If we can affect our beliefs at the very deepest levels, the place where we connect with our Quantum state we can do anything, including making ourselves ill or well.

This is why doctors work so well (good and bad) in the western world. They believe in themselves and their patients believe in them too. Society has imbedded a set of ideas and values within us that are very real. Words such as virus, cancer, etc. have developed a meaning at our deepest level so if someone whom we believe says, “You have cancer”, that can create certain belief patterns (frequencies) to work at our Quantum core. This belief then creates the physical manifestation of what we believe. This becomes even subtler at the level of medical testing. If we take a test for PSA as an example and the piece of paper that comes to the doctor says this value is high, we begin to believe we have cancer.

In Quantum terms, one could say we move into a universe where this condition exits. This seems to counter intuition to be real, but if the Quantum computer is to be believed, then the multiverse exists. (Read Michael Crichton's book, “Timeline” for more about the multiverse.

The book “Healer, Shaman and Sage” (given to me by a good friend) shows that many indigenous cultures view themselves as energetic beings that have created a physical form. This is compared to the Western philosophy that we are physical forms with an energetic portion. (Quantum science by the way sort of supports the former.) Thus in Western medicine we have this concept of testing our form to look for illness (which we then give names to). We have devised a series of tests each that gives us a clue that some physical imbalance might exist, such as a mammogram, PSA etc.

My fear is that often many people will have a temporary imbalance that when spotlighted in a test actually turns attention to the imbalance and cements the problem, causing it to become real in manifest form.

There are other cultures that believe that all illnesses are energetic imbalances and because as energetic beings we have energy from the cosmic consciousness (call it the Quantum field, Godhead or whatever). They believe that this is a source of universal energy and that we can at any time balance these imbalances.

Another way of looking at it is as a different form of digestion. The process we call life is a continual blending of all types of energy (or differing frequencies) through the food we eat, water we drink, air we breathe, sights we see, sounds we hear, stimulation we feel, smells we snort, etc. The energy we pick up at the Quantum level is through our Chakras (there are seven main charkas and these Chakras process this energy through specific points of the spinal column (hence why chiropractors work). Each of these specific points of the spinal column is connected to an organ or gland.

By looking at clues about the balance of these charkas we can see the balance of each organ. For example what the doctors called Leukemia is an imbalance in the spleen and blood. By rebalancing these elements, the symptoms and manifestation can be dramatically reduced or even go away.

This not to say by any means that we should abandon Western medicine. Many parts of it work very well (though a leading cause of death in the industrialized world today is incorrect or excessive prescriptions). But we can enhance our health and well being by understanding the chakras and how they balance the system.

My logical mind has a very difficult time grappling with these ideas but believe me I have seen them work so often I now have a great deal of respect for this.

This by the way, is why I believe so deeply in the power of meditation and prayer. Each is a different way of getting in touch with our most profound level of existence because each relies on faith and in terms Quantum mechanics faith (our beliefs, our attention, intention, attitudes etc.) are the key to life.

So what has this long discussion have to do with the fact that I seem to have friends dying everywhere?

Here is the point I am leading to.

This is a time when it has never been easier to die. This is a time of incredible social and technological change and those who resist change may find that moving on is easier than facing what's next. When this happens, when many loved ones leave us, our beliefs can turn towards our mortality. Our surroundings, these events of loss can sell us on the idea that it is our time to go as well. We can literally be moved into a universe where we feel we are supposed to get sick and die!

Yet this is also a time of incredible opportunity. The world literally is moving into a Dream Society where so many of the troubles we face today because of materialism will fade away.

So we can stay and enjoy an even brighter, better, happier world or we can climb down into a rut and begin to die. The choice is ours and the entire decision is determined by one thing. Our attitude. Do we feel old, used up, unable to cope with all the change, lost, wondering where to go or what to do next? Or are we looking at tomorrow and all of its unexpected events with a sense of wonder and anticipation and excitement. The answer to this has much, much more to do with your health than the number of years you have been on this planet.

The foundations of our health are nutrition, exercise and our attitude. The foundations of a successful life are hard work, the willingness to serve and attitude and the roots of our attitude are in the energy around us. As in all things there are positive and negative aspects to this energy and we are free to choose which. Nothing may be as important to our health is making the right, positive choice.

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Otherwise I hope to see you in London!

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***Nancys comments***

Dear Merri, Gary, the word “thank you” does not begin to encompass all the beautiful, spiritual, life altering experiences you both gave to me. And it was all done in such a laid back, relaxed way. You both literally live what you preach and the results in your life and lifestyle are lovely to behold. Hopefully I am back on the track and I thank you both for your loving examples.

Your subtle regime of exercise, climbing up and down hills daily, was a much needed reminder to continue to do the same. Without the week with this exercise I could never have made it through Heathrow, from Terminal 4 to Terminal 1, truly a marathon.

Mary, your wonderful cooking deserves very special thanks. Everything was delicious. I'm now using close to your ingredients but I miss a lot in the result and long for a recipe or two.

Thank you again for an inspiring week, for sharing so generously your life and lifestyle which are both beautiful.

See you soon, in Copenhagen!

with love, “

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