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In our industrialized world we are being sprayed with Malathion, embalmed with chemicals in our food, water and air, and poisoned with contaminated vaccines and tainted blood supplies.

There are walls which are emiting molds that cripple and kill. Air ducts spew such toxicity that a new disease (sick building syndrome) has been borne. More than ever we are at risk for infectious diseases and immune system related disorders as the world's centralized food growing and delivery system strips essential vitamins and minerals from our intake and replaces them with dangerous preservatives and chemicals.

Top off this mix with ever increasing stress trying to keep up in a world that changes faster every day. How do we keep our health?

Dear International Friend,

Join us for our regular Global Health Secrets at this site because over 20 years ago I was a physical basket case, continually ill, chronic bad back, lacking energy and almost no vitality at all. Had it not been for one incident (when an London based M.D. wanted to dose me up with steroids) I wonder if I would be alive today. Instead Merri and I are in perfect health with so much energy and vitality, people continually ask how we do so much and still feel good.

This is because the one recommendation (by the London M.D) scared me into trying acupuncture (I had been living in Hong Kong in those days). The needles created a miraculous end to back pain (the cost of the treatment was a mere $25), that freed me from endless and continual suffering, loss of stamina and mobility and saved me a fortune in medical bills that no longer had to be paid.

My message here is not about the wonders of acupuncture though. That treatment meant much more as it awakened an wealth of knowledge about health, vitality and longevity that western medicine either ignores, does not know or does not want to accept.

From that day forward Merri and I sought out (and tested on ourselves) as much of this knowledge as we can in our global travels. We have studied with healers from India, Tibet, the Andes and Iraq (not to mention all the wonderful healers in the U.S.) and many, many alternative thinkers in the western world. We've spent years studying all we can about nutrition, acupuncture, massage, aromatherapy, kineseology, pulse therapy, homeopathy and much more.From this we have developed a considerable wealth of information and more importantly invaluable contacts from around the world. We are continually in touch with more than a dozen doctors and healers of various disciplines who act as a sounding board for the new ideas we discover them. These healers for example helped us uncover and analyze BIRM (see as we tried out how we felt taking this all natural Amazon food supplement.

This is why we send regular messages to our email readers about ways to attain better health, vitality and longevity. To us the root of all wealth is good health!

This part of our site contains useful, easy-to-use credible information about how to have better health, stronger vitality and more longevity that we hope makes your life better.

We have divided our site into five categories: The first category is international investing and how to invest better.

The second category is Great Places To Be. We conduct numerous courses and tours in places where investing, business and health are great.

The benefit of having many health contacts around the world is that they often help us see a more complete picture. For example one of our healing contacts from England recently shared with us how Anthrax threats can be reduced with Garlic. He explained “The Garlic Information Center in Britain indicates that deadly ANTHRAX is most susceptible to GARLIC. Garlic is a broad-spectrum antibiotic that even blocks toxin production by germs.” [Journal Nutrition, March 2001]

In one test garlic was found to be a more potent antibiotic than penicillin, ampicillin, doxycycline, streptomycin and cephalexin, some of the very same antibiotic drugs used in the treatment of anthrax. Garlic was found to be effective against nine strains of E.coli, Staph and other bugs. [Fitoterapia, Volume 5, 1984] Freshly cut cloves of garlic or garlic powder may be most beneficial.

The antibiotic activity of one milligram of allicin, the active ingredient in garlic, equals 15 units of penicillin. [Koch and Lawson, Garlic: The Science and Therapeutic Application, 2nd edition, Williams & Wilkins, Baltimore 1996] Garlic capsules that certify their allicin content are preferred and may provide 5-10 milligrams of allicin, which is equivalent to 75-150 units of penicillin.”

This is highly valuable information but even more effective because we have learned from a medical advisor from India that there are times when garlic is very effective and other times when it should be avoided. Using pulse therapy (an ancient Indian healing technique) we can learn when to determine which is a good time for garlic and not. Then another health and longevity contact shared that the way you eat garlic can dramatically (do not chew garlic as the enzymes in saliva reduce the protective antibiotic powers plus enhance bad breath).

The point? Three contacts from different parts of the world helped us seriously improve on a good health idea!

Another delegate (an M.D.) put us onto a way to reduce hardening of the arteries and save on vitamins at the same time! See “Beyond Chelation” at

This health section of our site continually shares ideas about nutrition, exercise, vitamins, minerals, and every aspect of health. Sharing this information has brought us more raves than anything else and we look forward to sharing what we learn in the years ahead about how to have better health, vitality and longevity with you!