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We all arrive at crossroads in our journey through the infinite variety of this world. This is good. Life would be pretty boring if we just plodded along in one straight path. There is such joy in the diversity, the twists, turns and folds.

Yet choosing the wrong way at any one junction can be bad. Take a guy I grew up with. We were buddies from age five right through high school. He got mixed up with the wrong crowd and petty theft, shoplifting, then knocking off a convenience store.

Last I heard he was at an intersection surrounded by cops, guns drawn crouching behind their cars.

Having grown up with him I knew he wasn't really bad. Yet the prison guards didn't care.

Other crossroads are good, like the one that swept me to Hong Kong (not long after my buddy went up the river) and has left me rambling the globe until another crossroads tipped me onto some amazing health secrets in the Amazon and Andes that I have been researching for the past seven years. Well, I ran into another intersection eleven days ago, late at night, in a tropical storm, rain thundering on thatch. May I share what happened here with you?

Snuggled beneath my mosquito net, suddenly awake, this jailed friend of so many years ago, was on my mind. “Same town, same street, same school”, I thought. Yet here I am deep in an Amazonian rain forest sleeping in my own native lodge, 350 thread count sheets and super soft, queen sized bed. He may still be in jail.

“So what?” I asked, while turning over and going back to sleep. But the thought, “Somehow this moment is the beginning of another important crossroad would not go away”.

Sure enough next morning the junction arrived in the form of an Amazonian Shaman, Aldamar. He's 40, been studying since he was 10 and he looks after the Siona-Secoya tribe.

We joined him at a healing ceremony and he told Merri and me we had to go deep (I mean really deep) into the jungle, with just tents, water and candles, to live off the land, as part of a special purification rite. It's a journey of transformation to bring a longer and better life.

“Why?” I asked. “Because it's there, because it is the initiation of the jungle quest and because you'll have to take others there.”

Wealth, beyond money, is health, vitality, longevity and fulfillment. He told me that I would find more of these qualities in this journey.

I suddenly understood.

So in March we are taking an amazing adventure and while penetrating this wilderness we'll prepare for the most unusual courses we have every conducted, “Amazonian Crossroads”.

These will consist of journeys that enhance wealth by developing better health, vitality, longevity, fulfillment and most of all balance. The journeys are each a step to bring you closer to the life you desire.

I hope our paths will cross and we can share one or two of these important journeys together. You can learn more about them here.

Until then, good health, wealth and a pleasant path to you.