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Sun rays sparkled on the emerald prisms of cool, spring fed pools. They reflected and danced, rainbows that glimmered on towering mahogany, banana, stately palm. Green vistas shimmered, easy paced in the afternoon sun and sweet, tropical perfumes floated in the breeze.

Dear International Friend,

Many years ago my wife, Merri, and I were sitting on a huge veranda, overlooking a vast expanse of lush, green, countryside watching our kids joyfully ride their horses up the mountains in the Dominican Republic. A tropical breeze flowed over the porch cooling the sunny afternoon. A portable laptop computer sat before me. Working, I had dozed off, lulled by katydid songs, the soft breeze and my lost thoughts. Believe it or not this was work and the sudden realization of how wonderful that work was shocked me into understanding that having an international business is the best way to security, wealth, freedom and fulfillment in life. That realization was the foundation of a course….and International Business Made EZ was born. Since then thousands have attended or taken the correspondence version of this course all over the world. These delegates have improved their lives, gained greater independence, increased financial safety and dramatically gained more freedom to lead the type of life they desire. This is why one of our five categories at this website is how to have your own business and make it more effective. To us your own business is the safest way to make the most and enjoy the process! The International Business section of our site contains useful, easy-to-use credible information about how to start and run your own full or part time business and how to expand it globally if you wish.

We have divided our site into five categories: The first category is International Investing and how to invest better. The second category is Great Places to be.

We conduct numerous courses on investing and business – see

The International Business Made EZ section shares my and countless reader's business experiences to help bring you increased wealth, freedom, fun, excitement, adventure, as well as asset protection and tax breaks. Timing for this part of our service could not be better because an entirely new opportunity has arisen! Let me explain. Merri and I began living and working in Ecuador eight years ago. Because we have worked and lived in dozens of countries over the past 33 years and have seen emerging economies in good times and bad, we have learned to wait out the problems. I lived in Hong Kong during the Communist riots. Everyone who invested and stayed there became rich!

This taught me the power of hanging on and the importance of investing while blood is running in the streets. So as Ecuador went through its worst depression in history, Merri and I increased our business activity there. Because of this, opportunities have blossomed that we can share with you.

Our International Business Made EZ section can help you turn negative economic conditions into fun, profit, adventure, more freedom in life and less stress.

We help in two ways, the first by sharing business information and ideas from around the world.

Secondly we are continually looking for a developing turn key international businesses.

Turn-key businesses are those that already have an infrastructure in place so you can tie into the business without any great expense. Turn-keys eliminate a great deal of risk and time normally required to find products, shipping capabilities and such. For example the Ecuadorian turn-key rose exporting business gives you the supply (some of the best long stem roses in the world delivered fresh at below wholesale price), internet backup, marketing assistance, delivery to your door step and your customers and systems of billing.

We focus on international business opportunities because the sun always shines somewhere. When times are tough at home, there is some country where business opportunity is better!

Learn how to have a successful small business (locally if you choose) and then how to expand it slowly abroad or how to start a brand new business overseas, either through our turn-key program or on your own.

We won't load you up with a lot of pie in the sky theory either. The knowledge you gain comes from our 33 years of actual business experience and our current global business activity. The turn-key operations we are involved with are ongoing businesses we or our friends operate right now.

We try to help make your international business easy to start and keep going. Most important you will learn how to market your products abroad.

The site also looks at structures, when to use IBCs (International Business Company), overseas trusts, offshore limited partnerships or use offshore life insurance for tax and asset protection. You learn when each option is correct. Learn how as a small business in one country using overseas structures in another you can legally avoid paying tax. Find out how to hold assets in overseas structures so you are almost impossible to sue!

Plus we cover ways to expand your horizons and create a fantastic lifestyle with benefits of having business friends abroad. Learn how to enjoy the finest things in life because of international friendships.

We share everything about running your own successful international business, how to get started, develop a product or service, where to find clients and customers, how to choose hot markets, the risks versus the rewards, where to advertise, asset protection and tax advantages, how to cope with language barriers, using the mails and shipping abroad, when, why and where to have offices, why and how to live abroad or not, the best places to live, how to use new global technology to market through the Internet, find free sources of marketing, set up distributors, how to build and use networks, increase profits and manage and protect profits, how and where to bank, how to get loans, private finance, overseas partners and raise venture capital abroad, how overseas partners can stop the tax man from getting at your profits, how to choose accountants, attorneys, marketing and insurance abroad.

We help you have a business in three ways, #1: through the information we share at the site, #2: through our email correspondence course “International Business Made EZ” (see and #3: through the “International Business Made EZ” seminars we conduct throughout the year. See

Dr. Thomas J Stanley, author of the book “The Millionaire Mind” interviewed 733 millionaires to find out the most important reasons behind their success. Those interviews showed that your odds of becoming a millionaire doubled if you had your own business. More than twice as millionaires as in any other category (Doctors, Lawyers, Corporate executives, etc.) owned their own small business.

Your own business allows you to follow your dreams and this is the secret of success. When you pursue what you enjoy, you do it better with less stress, fatigue and risk. This is why I am most excited about sharing this part of our site with you. Until then may all your business be good!