Welcome to Fall

by | Jan 1, 2005 | Archives

This is the equinox weekend, a time which deserves more attention. In the western world, we fail to honor endings and all too often resist change. These special days can be nature's grand message saying a new era has begun.

Merri and I hope that this new era, this season of three months will be filled with special happiness and joy for you and that you will enjoy the colder nights and crisper days! There are many benefits to Autumn. One is the fall colors here on the farm. You can see them here; Gary working hard amidst the fall colors the fall colors and more fall colors.

Come see them with us this year as we have four courses in October…our best month for the golden, yellow and red leaves.

We begin with International Business Made EZ. This course is totally filled – but you can join us in November in Orlando – see https://garyascott.com/courses/536/. Then October 6 through 13 is our global health secrets course – see https://garyascott.com/courses/535/. We have one room left. A single or couple can still join.

October 25 through 27 is our spa weekend. Come soak in our healing hot tub and have special cleansing massage sessions. This is a luxury, lay back and unstress weekend amidst the golden leaves.

Finally November 1-2-3, join with Bob Shane, the rocket scientist for an incredible array of health balancing. Details are at https://garyascott.com/health/643/

This will end our courses at the farm until Spring, but not our courses for the year. We'll wrap up in Orlando November 15-18 for International Business and Investing Made EZ. See https://garyascott.com/courses/535/. This course will contain three special sessions that I have not conducted before. The first is on how to copy write (to sell). But this session has one extremely invaluable addition…it covers how to copy write for the Internet. This session alone can recoup the costs of this course many, many times over. Another new session is on how to use publishing (and Internet publishing) in business. The final new session is how to use seminars in business and how to use the Internet to develop seminars.

Guest speakers include global tax attorneys, investment managers, plus several businessmen who can help you get into business right now in roses, tax liens and deeds and the food supplement business.

For example, Ted Thomas will speak on how to use tax liens. These investment vehicles offer so much opportunity at this time that Merri and I have been taking Ted's course and invited him to speak. Here is one example already of how this course paid off. We told a friend about buying tax deeds and liens and after some research she went to an auction of a 2.5 acre lot in Hayesville, North Carolina with two creeks. Real estate brokers along with her own research led her to know that the land would sell at about $30,000. She and only one other showed up to bid and the lot were hammered down at only $8,200! More on this at https://garyascott.com/tedthomas/

Ted will also speak at the Orlando course on how to earn up to 25% with tax liens that are guaranteed by county governments. Believe me I have looked into this and this is not a scam. One has to know how to look and how to find and bid on these liens, but they can pay incredible yields and I have invested in my first already and increased the return I was getting on my investment by six times!

The President of Freshrose Club.com will explain how to earn profits selling fresh roses from Ecuador and I'll show ways to get into the wellness revolution.

My tax attorney Joe Cox who is one of the most knowledgeable experts on using overseas structures will speak about ways to hold your investments in a totally tax deferred way. This course is so full of information that we have extended it from three to four days (at no additional cost).

Won't you join us in Orlando or in October at the farm?

Have a great weekend. We wish you a Happy Equinox and hope to see you soon!