BIRM: The Most Important Asset Now!

by | Jan 1, 2005 | Archives

Thanks for getting in touch to ask about BIRM which we no longer offer. We have not featured this food supplement for several years due to supply difficulties.

We took BIRM ourselves as a general tonic for a number of years and found that it helped us to feel good and have more energy.

BIRM has the potential to be of assistance in diseases in which the immune system is implicated as a contributing factor. The medical doctor who created BIRM in Ecuador has gathered data which indicates possible value in conditions of overactive and underactive immune system such as AIDS, Allergic States, Colitis, Multiple Sclerosis, Chronic Hepatitis, and Lupus like diseases. We however do not believe that BIRM is a panacea. It is not intended to diagnosis, treat or cure any condition and should not be viewed as a substitute for orthodox medical treatments.

We however have never used this for nor suggested that anyone use it as a treatment for any specific illness without the advice and agreement of their primary health care giver. I have no idea whether this could help relieve herpes and most highly recommend that you discuss this with your Doctor before considering its use.

You can read what I have written about BIRM in my archives at

You can learn more about studies conducted on BIRM by University of Miami Medical School at

Though we have had difficulty obtaining sufficient supply to bring this into the US to make it practical for business purposes, you can order it from Steve and have it shipped from Ecuador.

His email address is

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