One Way to Help in Pakistan

by | Jan 1, 2005 | Archives

Education is better than war and here is one man who is doing just that.

I wanted to share with you — and you share with others — an e-mail Ireceived from Pakistan this morning via a dear friend. Yes It is written by an educator a Yankee who is in the field doing something to help world peace. Reading through to the end gets to information about what is happening inside Pakistan — from his point of view. Please feel comfortable sharing his letter and responding to him if you wish. I'm certain e-mails from the US letting him know we are here would be welcomed. I have included the e-mail transmitting his letter as it applies as well. Thanks for all you do.

This is a letter from a good friend in Islamabad, Pakistan. He issuperintendent of the International School of Islamabad (ISI). I thought you would appreciate this rare window into the world of a fellow educator from a long way off dealing with issues unlike those we would likely ever face. If perspective matters to you, this letter will be of value.