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by | Nov 19, 2004 | Archives

This November 19, 2004 Gary Scott message shows a huge trend in health that can affect our international business, our international investments and enhance our wealth. There is a series of messages at the Gary Scott site that looks at investing in the Wellness Revolution and they point out that the industry is growing in two sectors, the natural and scientific.

In the scientific field some of the fast growing sectors are cosmetic plastic surgery, cosmetic dermatology (such as botox) voluntary eye surgery, (such as lasik, etc.), genetic engineering (sex selection and fertility enhancement), cosmetic and reconstructive dentistry, and voluntary pharmaceuticals (Viagra, Rogaine) etc.

The natural industry includes health care and nutritional education, food supplements, vitamins and minerals, preventative medicine, Wellness health insurance, fitness clubs, trainers, coaches, fitness equipment, health foods, health food restaurants and weight loss products.

 Often the proponents of these two sectors are at odds, but the reality is that each sector is huge and growing and already represents 200 billion a year in sales (half the sale of automobiles).

Merri and I come down strongly on the natural side, but in spotting trends, I cannot ignore the fact that the scientific side also has incredible momentum so here is an interesting note an alert reader recently shared.

“Gary, You and your readers should look at investing in ASTM is a micro-small but with a very good stem cell technology company. They use adult stem cell and not the politically controversial stem cell that comes with embryos. This is one of the few small companies that survived the most difficult time (1998-2003) in stem cell research. They have a technology that takes stem cells from each individual and replicate them in a machine. Then the individual will receive its stem cell for whatever use will be authorizes by the FDA. They are now doing clinical trials for broken bones. They are receiving funding from the NIH. You, or any investor should visit the website at

Discovery Labs (DSCO) was one of my discoveries as a micro cap stock in 1999. I was the first to recommend this company in my newsletter. DSCO has a surfactant which is a bioidentical (human) surfactant for lung diseases in small children. I believe that future applications are for large population of patients, with diseases such as flu, atsma, etc. The only competitor in the market has a surfactant that is made of bovine material, therefore not bioidentical. “

I have not investigated these investments myslef but those of you interested in the scientific side of wellness may wish to do so.  This week, we have looked at trends in cocooning, small towns, elimination of utilities and the health industry.

These are huge changes that will make the world look unlike anything we can imagine and these trends are happening right now.

Next  Monday's message looks at a technological discovery that could really change our world.

Don't miss it.  Have a great weekend and good investing and business!