Off the Grid

by | Nov 18, 2004 | Archives

This November 18, 2004 Gary Scott message shows how spotting trends early can help enhance wealth. This trend can affect our international business and all the international investments we make.

Every other year Jyske Bank has a wonderful summer investment seminar and I have had the privilege to speak there over the past years. (Merri and I have been invited again for next summer and we look forward to their August 17, 2005 seminar as well.)

The last time I spoke, I was especially impressed with another speaker there, Ian Pierson, the head futurist for British Telecom. He is really a bright guy, but I was a bit astounded when he said “British Telecom is working on the premise that we won't pay for telephone calls in a decade. We'll have computers that can almost create Star Trek style holodecks. We'll have computerized skin of chips so small they'll sink below the skin and connect with neural networks. We can put these on so we'll feel and taste as well as see and hear digital experiences.”

I am less amazed now.

Yesterday’s message looked at how we can now invest in solar or alternative power. This is good, but we can now also use alternative phones. Look at what is already happening.

Merri and I live on a remote farm, yet we have DSL. However we can also get a satellite broadband Internet connection. We can also use the net to phone telephone services such as Vonage.

For $24.95 we can make all calls across the USA and Canada, and our long distance calls to places like England and Hong Kong for as little as three cents a minute. With satellite Internet we do not even need a telephone line. The technology is not yet perfect, but do not expect that problem to last long.

Plus we are installing hydropower (we are lucky to have plenty of water). Here is the point. Today, for a few thousand dollars people in even the most remote locations can eliminate electric and telephone companies.

This provides enormous environmental benefits, eliminates the aggravation of dealing with administrative monopolies, plus with rising energy costs, we will probably save a bundle over the years.

Imagine how this trend will change the way we do business and invest.

Until next message, good investing.