Message from Down Under

by | Nov 16, 2004 | Archives

We have a large and helpful list of readers from Australia and New Zealand who offer other viewpoints in spotting trends to increase wealth. This November 16, 2004 Gary Scott message looks at thinking about Small Town USA that can help us find good international investments and international business trends.

Many messages at this site look at the rising trend of moving to Smalltown USA. For background go to

This trend is growing and it is global! Here is what a reader from Australia just shared.

“Thank you for your articles (currency trading, health, property investment, etc. which I relate to very much). Would love to attend one of your seminars one time, however, being in Australia I will have to wait for the trip to the US one of these days. I think it was from a past article whereby you mentioned about the revitalization of small town USA and buying property in small towns with good fundamentals. Over the past few years in Australia there has been a migration out of the city areas to the coasts, this phenomenon has been termed 'sea change'. Interestingly, there is talk here in Australia about getting people back into the country towns due to the shortage of skilled workers and interestingly the term is now called 'Tree Change'. I don't know if you use the same terminology in the US. The price pressures on some rural areas are just as much as in the urban areas particularly townships constrained by zoning and planning regulations in order to preserve prime agricultural land. Some smaller towns, being 'railway towns' offering commuter express transport to the city, freeway proximity to the city, etc. are proving popular for investors and first home buyers who have all but in recent years been driven out of the rapidly rising inner city property markets. I'm looking very forward to continued US dollar weakness and will be riding positions. I did hear a discussion on BBC business news regarding the worsening US situation and that the dollar's status as the leading 'reserve' currency may change by around 2030+ or so when China or Europe (with the Euro) try and pip the dollar to become the world's reserve currency. The interview pointed to the pound in the early part of last century and its demise as the world's reserve currency and the problems that occurred. I'd better keep this short as I know you have plenty of fan mail. Regards REG B. Sunshine Coast, Australia”

A broad global impact of a trend suggests deep roots and a basis that is deeply fundamental to all. Keep your eye on small towns around the world as there is extra potential there!