A Moving Trend

by | Nov 10, 2004 | Archives

There is no faster way to increase your wealth than through spotting trends. This November 10, 2004 Gary Scott message shares a trendy idea that a reader just sent. This may move you!

Sometimes economic trends and investment trends are different then they would seem. My experience for example is that real estate prices on the coast rise in an area where there has recently been a hurricane. Could this be true? I am not sure but if so, go figure.

Ditto for mobile homes. These are most easily wrecked in big storms. So people in Florida would learn to avoid them. Right? Guess again and read what this reader has shared.

“Dear Gary:

My brother works for Horton Homes driving the warning car ahead of mobile homes being delivered. He tells me that there is such a demand in Florida and Louisiana that production is expanding as rapidly as possible and hundreds of drivers are being hired. I know, I know, people are crazy to be erecting mobile homes in hurricane-prone areas. It is not very sexy, but mobile home stocks, the right ones, could easily be a good investment now.”

This could be a trend worth investigating now and also worth remembering next year if we again see big East Coast storms. Until next message, good investing.