Spanish Rave

by | Nov 9, 2004 | Archives

Read in this November 9, 2004 Gary Scott message what a student at the Discover Ecuador Learn Spanish tour just shared.

“We are back in Cuenca and have returned from the Coca Jungle leg of the Spanish School. All of us feel a new life with hot shower, clean, dry clothes. We did the Cuenca City Tour yesterday and everyone liked Cuenca.

We finally got a breather. School has filled every hour of our waking day. We have discovered an important benefit about this Learn Spanish Discovery Tour: Spanish is spoken slower in Ecuador than in most other Latin America countries.

The Teachers have the patience of Job…never make us feel out of place…(never told me that they thought I was dumb as a bag of nails). The Teachers are MOST supportive. They wrote the text book we’re studying.

They caught the bus with me and another student at night from Quito to Coca. This was a 9 1/2 hour bus ride in the middle of the night. Then they returned to Quito by bus Sunday night to teach a new class of students on Monday morning… THIS IS DEDICATION!

We are seeing a lot of Ecuador that we would have to pay big bucks to see otherwise. The price is such a deal, and the food and housing has been great! If anyone wants to learn Spanish they ought to take the Discovery Tour instead of sitting in a classroom. Love Ya! More later. Willard.