3 more ways to profit

by | Oct 30, 2004 | Archives

The U.S. dollar is crashing. You can profit from this. This October 30, 2004 Gary Scott message shows three ways to earn and travel globally as you gain from the greenback’s fall.

Idea #1: Offer an international tax lien service. If the dollar falls, interest rates will rise and there will be a load of U.S. property come on the market…cheap. The falling dollar will make this U.S. real estate even less expensive for overseas investors.

Set up a global business (inspecting, buying and bidding for others) to help overseas investors buy tax liens and tax deeds. This is a business you can take anywhere. I have a report, “Circle of 100 Via tax Liens” available to all the delegates who sign up for our upcoming International Business and Investing course.

Details are at https://garyascott.com/catalog/ibezjefferson.html

Idea #2: Have an “International North Woods Business”. Sell Ashe county abroad. If the dollar falls, property in the U.S. will become cheap in foreign currency terms. Zero in on Ashe County because it already offers special value to begin.

See https://garyascott.com/lostprovince/203/index.html for a complete description of the reasons I feel this is a better place than most.

Then show special potential because a great deal of land in Ashe County is north facing, hardwood shaded, slopes. This land is considered the least valuable of all and is really cheap.

Yet wild American ginseng grows best on north facing, hardwood shaded, slopes. See more on this at https://garyascott.com/archives/2004/10/26/1104/index.htm

To learn more about this I brought an expert on ginseng to our farm to check the potential here.

What I learned was astounding. North facing Appalachian, hardwood shaded, slopped land is perhaps the least utilized and most undervalued real estate in all of North America!

Help overseas investors buy an expanse of this land because it is a good value plus offer a crop management service that creates a crop potential as an added bonus.

Wild ginseng grown brings enormous prices, but is only one of many crops. Galax, Black Cohosh, Bloodroot and Goldenseal are just a few of dozens of other highly valued crops that grow only in this environment. Most farmers do not know of this potential. The usual drawback to such farming is finding and buying the land. If an investor wants the land anyway to hold as an inflation hedge or to live on, the harvest creates pure, extra profit. Plus the value of these crops tends to grow beyond inflation!

I have a report, “Gold in the International North Woods” available to all the delegates at our upcoming International Business and Investing course.

Details are at https://garyascott.com/catalog/ibezjefferson.html

Idea #3: Export products from Ecuador. A falling US dollar (Ecuador use the dollar as its currency) makes products from the equator more competitive.

We have set up a U.S. – Ecuador conduit so delegates can get Ecuadorian products more easily into the US and abroad.

We will have product samples that can be exported from Ecuador at our upcoming course.

Details are at https://garyascott.com/catalog/ibezjefferson.html

We have had such a positive response to this course that it will be held at a golf club in Jefferson North Carolina where we can accommodate a larger group. This means we still have space for several more delegates. I hope to see you in Jefferson. Until then good investing!