Protecting Your IRA From a Dollar Crash

by | Oct 28, 2004 | Archives

This week's messages focus on how to survive and profit from a US dollar crash. Yesterday's message looked at one specific way to protect the purchasing power your IRA even if the US dollar falls. This October 28, 2004 Gary Scott message looks at a second ways to gain from overseas property and international real estate in your IRA.

One simple way to protect your assets from a fall in the US dollar is to buy real estate in other countries. As the dollar falls, land denominated in rising currencies becomes more valuable.

One exciting piece of news is the fact you can own non-US real estate as well as domestic in your IRA.

Yesterday's message shared information from our friend Larry Grossman on how to use an IRA to own land. See here

Land abroad is ok for an IRA and our friend Larry Grossman has successfully processed a number of transactions like this.

You can even take out a mortgage on a piece of property in your IRA but you can only pledge the property against the loan and not the assets of the IRA. This is a fine distinction but that is what the rules say.

You may also trigger a small amount of tax on the leveraged portion of a property in your IRA. This is called UBTI and Larry has a written an explanation on this. You can get it. From Larry at

Until next message, good investing!