Friday Fun

by | Oct 22, 2004 | Archives

We are researching businesses that can profit from cocooning but before we pick back up on this series, listen to these tales of woe in the October 22, 2004 Gary Scott message.

Yesterday Omego Sankoh of Sierra Leone wrote this to me.  

“Hello, I was browsing though the Internet, and in view of my search option, I came to get acquainted with your company, and its scope of operation.

“In light of this however, may I use this opportunity to present a proposal that is slightly different in nature from the nature of business you are used to, but can be aligned with your interest, as it is only somebody that has your kind of experience, that can actually be of use in this proposal.

“My name is Omego Williams Sankoh. I am son of the late Freedom fighter of Sierra Leone, in West Africa. You may be conversant with the history of war and civil hostilities that have ravaged our country. My late father was fully involved in the prosecution of war, for which he had numerous overseas sponsors. But as you would expect, there are only two ends to a war. You either make it, or not. The latter was his lot.”

Wow that’s a sad tale. Add this to Omego’s grammatical problems and we could cry if we had not received an even sadder tale that very same day from an asylum camp in Abidjan. Here is what Tompson wrote:




“Dear, I am TOMPSON CYRILLE. the only son of late former Director of finance, Chief CYRILLE .E. JOSEPH, Sierra-Leone diamond and mining corporation, I must confess my agitation is real, and my words is my bond, in this proposal, My late father diverted this fund acquired from the over influencing of price of sales/purchasing of raw materials, now he has deposited the money with one of the INTERNATIONAL BANK here in ABIDJAN-COTE D'IVOIRE BY FIXED DEPOSIT FUND, And he attached a strict clause to the fund in bracket (PAY AS RECEIVED), Where I am residing under political assylum with my younger sister GLORIA, my younger sister who is 17 years old,”

Tompson wanted me to join in with him and finish ripping this money off.  Gosh there seems to be a lot of people in Sierra Leone with problems.  I would be agitated too if I were in an asylum camp. Or would I?  If we think about it, this might not be as bad as it seems.  At least they have electricity and a computer.  Since they are emailing me and trolling the net, I wonder if they also have DSL?

Life can’t be that bad and these people may not appreciate that we humble Westerners have problems as well. For example, just today Citibank wrote me three times. Its antifraud department says there are a large number of theft attempts so they need to confirm all my bank details. This must be serious that they would write three times.

Even worse, this must be a national problem because the very same day Sun Trust Bank sent me three similar notices as well.

This is keeping me awfully busy looking for those pesky bank details. So far I haven’t even been able to find my accounts with Citibank or Sun Trust. I’ve been sloppy to forget two accounts!

There are even more problems.  Keria Reynolds over at Symtec proved it by sending me this note:

“The sample file you sent contains a new virus version of buppa.k.

Please update your virus scanner with the attached data file.Best Regards, Keria Reynolds”

My files must be in such a mess because I cannot find the sample file I sent them either.  I can’t find my bank accounts plus I have a darn Buppa.k virus.  What a mess.  What’s a guy to do? 

Here is a thought. Omego and Tompson are sitting in asylum camps and obviously have time on their hands. They have computers and can scan the net.  Perhaps we should put them in touch with Citibank, Sun Trust and Symtec. Perhaps they could help reduce these large number of thefts and viruses.  This would give Omego and Tompson something to do and give the banks some low cost labor….even if their English is not quite up to snuff.

Do you think this would help?