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This September 22, 2004 Gary Scott message shows how a reader was able to make 400% in a quick real estate deal and how he could finance it for 2%.

One of my greatest pleasures is connecting readers with common interests. Recently I put two tax lien investors in touch. Here is what one reader who invests continually in Georgia tax liens wrote:


Dear Gary:

Bob and I concluded another (tax lien deal) recently. We purchased outside of Forsyth county for $6500 and just sold for $26,000. Forsyth is not the boonies; it is kind of in between cities. Regards,”

Real estate is an important place to invest at this time because we are in an economic era where economic fundamentals suggest inflation, but the numbers are not adding up. This means we can predict a sudden upwards surge in inflation.

However the scenario is not as simple as buy and hold. In many areas real estate values are inflated. There are also currency parity distortions.

Investing magic comes when we can borrow cheap currencies and invest in undervalued real estate.

This reader is attending our upcoming October International Investing and Business Course where we will meet with Thomas Fischer of Jyske Bank to look at how to borrow low interest currencies (such as the Japanese yen U.S. Dollar and Swiss franc) and how to spot real estate distortions.

You can see the course syllabus here

Until next message, Good investing!