Confirmation of Distortions

by | Sep 20, 2004 | Archives

Last week's September 14, 2004 Gary Scott message looked at three huge economic distortions that create potential in local and international real estate opportunity right now. One investment recommended was in a real estate project in Ashe county North Carolina called Jefferson Station. See a letter from a reader that confirms this wealth building potential now.

You can see that September 14, 2004 message which looks at the potential of Jefferson Station here

Here is what a reader wrote about that message:


I just returned from spending all day at Jefferson Station where I put down a reservation deposit on one of the loft condos!

I couldn't believe you were recommending that site in the email below which was waiting for me when I arrived home. I'm glad you think this is a winner — I read about it in the Mountain Times last week, talked with the construction manager by phone (Roger Trivett) and dashed up there today to inspect and put down a deposit on a condo.

Roger has built everything you can imagine — he is amazing! And very helpful and generous with his time. He took me over every square inch of the development and needless to say, I was impressed.

I had written you before about my efforts to find a small farm in Ashe — which is still my long range goal. But it was too hard to drive back and forth from Charlotte, so I am doing the condo as a place to live for a couple of years while I continue my search. Hopefully it will be a wise investment while I am there.

Without any marketing except for a couple of articles in newspapers, almost one-third of the 30 condo units are already reserved. People from Florida to New England have somehow heard and reserved units. Roger told me today that by the time they enlist a real estate firm to “market” the units, he thinks they'll all be gone!

Just thought the coincidence of my trip today and your email were timely! Thanks for your input.”

This is why an Ashe County real estate review will be part of the upcoming International Investing course we will conduct at our Ashe county farm October 8-9-10. Come stay with us at the farm. Meet Thomas Fischer of Jyske Bank. Learn about global banking and investing tactics including the Multi Currency Sandwich. See why economic distortions create opportunity in Ashe county and Ecuador real estate now. For more detail go here

Until next message, good investing!