Spotting Trends and Cultural Creatives Part II

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Over the past year, this site has focused on trends. Spotting trends is the wellspring of wealth. Nothing is as important to successful investing and business as spotting good trends. “Cultural Creatives” are one of the biggest trends we may ever see.

I am updating my publishing course and this is the second message in a series that unveils one brand new lesson from this course which is how to be self fulfilled through Self Publishing. This lesson highlights why understanding Cultural Creatives (who by the way we call Dragonflies) is so vital to our economic success.

Here is the second part of this lesson: Self-Fulfilled-How to be a Self Publisher.

(Remember other than Merri and me, you are the very first to see this new material.)

You can read part one of this series, which explained how Merri and I realized at Victoria airport that we needed to sell the home we loved, even though we did not have to. Go to

Here the text continues:

There was one other little problem. We had nowhere to go. What would we do? Live in a tent (don’t laugh-you will see this is exactly what we ended up doing). I should have asked this question before I scratched that darn itch in Victoria at the airport. I’ll explain why in a moment, because it has a lot to do with the novel and your publishing success.

First the demographics. May I now introduce the book.

The Cultural Creatives was written by Paul H. Ray PH.D.and Sherry Ruth Anderson PH.D.

Dr. Ray ran a company called American LIVES Inc. for 13 years. During that time he accumulated over 100,000 responses to questionnaires and hundreds of focus groups. (I am impressed.) The demographic information from those responses suggests that a new subculture has been emerging in America since the 60s. This group now represents 26% of the adult population (50 million people) and divides the nation into three demographic subgroups, the Moderns (49.8% of the population), the Traditionals (23.2%) and the Cultural Creatives (CC), 26%).

Some interesting points made in the book are:

The Moderns rule. They are the establishment.

The Traditionals are dying off.

The Cultural Creatives are creating a new culture in America.

Each of the three subcultures has a pretty fair disdain for the thinking of the others. (Hence the potential for discomfort by Moderns and Traditions as this lesson is written from a CC Ð my point of view).

Some CCs had problems (not religious though) in Sunday School. They like to see the big picture and understand. CCs ask questions. Ask my mom, who was a Sunday school teacher, said when I was removed. “These are not good questions to ask.”

Back to my novel and the Victoria, Canada Airport. This airport had one of the lousiest cafeterias in the world. I will never forget the incredibly 50s sandwich (perhaps that was when it was prepared). Wonder bread and sliced something, I think they called it a MEAT FOOD (with very little, very limp lettuce and cold, rancid butter). I had little enthusiasm as I unwrapped it, but even less enthusiasm for the conversation I was about to begin.

Merri loved our house and Naples. These were her roots for thirty years and I was about to ask her to rip them out. She really loved the place. “More than me”, I wondered. Yet the itch was growing. I had to begin!

“Merri”, I said, “I am going to say something and if you do not agree, let’s forget we even started the conversation.” I was creating lots of back doors for a quick exit on this one.

“You think we should sell our house and move, don’t you”, she said. “I have been feeling the same way and agree. Let’s do it!”

Talk about drop jaw! I was so astounded that I could not talk. My face was so frozen I could not even think about eating that sandwich ((this was not a bad thing). I had never even hinted this subject to that moment. So much for spending every night with a woman for 20 years. Or perhaps I talk in my sleep? By the way 60% of the Cultural Creatives (CCs) are women and these shifts are taking place because they are especially intuitive.

The fact that we both arrived in Victoria with the same thinking, at the same time and totally agreed to something that was totally outlandish and illogical should have been the next clue. But again I remind you we were not looking. We had no idea that anything was happening at all. Besides we could never have figured this out.

Back to quote the book for just one moment to explain. “They (CCs) would agree with educator Jean Houston, one of the early Cultural Creatives that ‘the world is too complex for linear analytic thinking now. To be smart in the global village means thinking with your stomach, thinking rhythmically, thinking organically, thinking in terms of yourself as an interwoven piece of nature”. In other words intuitive is important. Publishers-to-be, remember this!

Back to the airport. There I was happy that the sandwich had been so foul. If it had been good, I would have had a mouth full and might have choked. I was so surprised but darn happy that this conversation (or lack thereof) had gone so well.

“Well, that’s settled,” I happily thought, “a 30 second conversation in which we carefully thought through the fact that we are about to uproot what seems, the very essence of our lives, abandon our family, friends, home, career, just about everything. Glad we spent plenty of time on that!”

Over the days, weeks and months that followed, we created a plan. Life was different now evidenced in part by the For Sale sign at the front of the house.

In retrospect these changes had been gradually evolving. For instance along the way, circumstances had led Merri and me to learn to meditate. This changed our lives dramatically (for the good). I started talking about how to meditate to be a better investor at my international investing seminars many years ago. Whoa! What a fuss. A lot of my loyal readers did not like this at all (now I understand why this was about 74% of them). They were like rats jumping a sinking ship. Attendance fell.

I thought this was because the stock market was bad. Now I know better. These readers I saw running out the back door (some times literally) were strong Moderns and Traditionals who did not like the CC that was beginning to show through the balanced Modern-Traditional veneer.

Next installment comes next Monday August 23. Look for it!

Until then good business and investing,