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A recent message reviewed the portfolio of Ted Turner and how it was similar to mine and held a large percentage of bonds. I forgot to add what type of bonds to hold. You can read that message at https://garyascott.com/archives/2004/07/21/1071/index.html

But what type of bonds should one hold? One alert reader asked the following question:

“Gary, I wanted to ask about the international bonds in your portfolio. Do you know something that I don't about being in long-term bonds at the bottom of an interest rate cycle? Normally, this is not a wise place to be.


This reader is correct and I should have added that I am mainly holding short term non US dollar bonds. You can see my last portfolio update at

A recent bond recommended to me is a very short (19 months) British pound bond issued by the Canadian Company Bombardier.

This is a 6,250% GBP Bombardier Inc, Canada mat. 23/02/2006


You can get details from Thomas Fischer of Jyske bank at FISCHER@jyskebank.dk.

Until next message, good investing!