Williams Inference

by | Jul 23, 2004 | Archives

Spotting trends is more important to financial success than picking good international investments. Finding hot social shifts is better than selecting good international stocks and bonds and a wise reader alerted me to some powerful trend ideas and a source of trend information that I want to share here with you. Here is what he wrote:

“Gary, the website http://www.williamsinference.com/index.htm is one that will appeal to you. This company charges BIG bucks for its alternative thinking about financial matters, but offers a free e-letter to which you might want to subscribe. In the '80's, the group predicted a rise in psychological depression in the U.S., particularly among baby-boomers, having observed more people were living alone + the fact that stuffed teddy bears had become important designer items. They correctly predicted investments in Eli Lilly (anti-depressants), Disney (feel-good movies), plus others would all do well. In the '90's, they called clients' attention to the very early trend in the wireless (r)evolution, noting huge hotel chains were beginning to wire their buildings for wi-fi.

Today, some of their interesting observations are:

  • Slow-down in U.S. business around the world, due to unfavorable world opinion / reaction to Iraq …
  • Individuals will overtake corporations as the drivers of change (something you've been implying for quite a while)…
  • There will be a surge in demand for genetically modified grain crops, especially in India and China, etc., where the middle class is rising & restrictions are few .
  • Growth in low-cost sensor technology (such as “radio-tags”) …
  • Saudi Arabia (the major source of U.S. imported oil) — not Iraq — will present the most problems in the Mid-East: big debt … handful of aged, ruling families … shrinking middle class and declining per-capita income . Any problem there could easily & drastically impact U.S. oil interests .
  • The rise in the popularity of the color, pink, may foretell a harsh stock market reaction — pink (psychologically) symbolizes delusion denial (e.g., of soaring household debt, etc.). Pink is the equivalent of rose-colored glasses.


This is good advice and I agree with these “trendy” ideas!