Galapagos Investment

by | Jul 14, 2004 | Archives

The way to beat inflation is to buy things with limited supply and increasing demand. Here is an inflation fighting investment in the Galapagos that is guaranteed in three different ways.

I recently received this note from my friend and attorney in Ecuador, Andres Cordova. Andres has helped many of our readers as well as ourselves with our Ecuador property.

“Gary, The Galapagos Santa Cruz Gardens subdivision was approved a few weeks ago. You can’t believe how happy I am after having worked over a year and a half in this project.

“The reception so far has been very warm, and I wish to again reiterate my deep, heartfelt thanks for your kind support. So far about 50% of the lots have been reserved or sold. There are about 30 lots left. Now that the website is finished as a major source of information on the project and that the project has been duly approved, I’m ready to 'launch' Santa Cruz Gardens to the public and you can see it at

“I can assure you, this website is highlighting a special opportunity; something truly extraordinary and rewarding. I have seen that there are marvelous opportunities in the Galapagos. Kind regards, Andrés”

I agree with Andres. This is an investment that is not only special, but fights inflation in three ways. First, this is something that will rise but is also useful for those who want a rare environmental experience on some of the most pristine beaches in the world. Second, private land that you can live on in the Galapagos is more than rare…it is rarified! Third, the price seems so low to me that I cannot conceive that it will not rise.

I highly recommend that those interested in real estate in the sun, near the ocean at a low price and with an environmental twist….to have look at this opportunity. Go to

Until next message, good investing