Fire Your Boss

by | May 24, 2004 | Archives

A book review in USA Today shows a major new trend in liberation. See here how this can be of benefit to you. The book is “Fire Your Boss” by Stephan Pollan and Mark Levine. The principles in this book are some that this website has been espousing for years.

Do what you love! This is part of our message and what is in this book. Here are excerpts in this review.

“The only way to survive is to work for your money. You’re not your job. Careers are passé. Once you accept that you're free to find satisfaction in your personal life. There’s no such thing as job security or reward for loyal service. Hardly anyone climbs the corporate ladder. Temps and outsourcing are the future of corporate America.” The authors have a seven-step program. The first step is fire your boss. Hire yourself.

The book offers a mental exercise to help alter your work-life view. Center your job description to you not your job. Do not say I work for XYZ Company. Instead list your skills and what you do.

Then instead of worrying about your career, worry about your boss’s success. Then use your personal contacts to look for successful people who need the skills you possess.

This thinking unveils an inroad to what could be a huge trend. Let’s discover what that trend might be. What does this type of career thinking suggest could happen in the western economy? Send in your thoughts about trends and let’s share. Until then, may your career always be in what you love!