Opportunity in Religious Trends

by | May 21, 2004 | Archives

One wise reader spotted a hot trend when she wrote:

“Gary, Last week you asked if any of us saw long term trends.

“I see one very long-term trend, the end of religion based on “male-war-gods” (such as Christianity, Islam, Judaism). This is already happening in Western Europe where traditional church attendance is way down from one hundred years ago. I see the fundamentalism that is so prevalent in many countries as a last effort to hold onto these religions by their leaders (the ones with the most to lose). It may take several hundred years but as a woman I see a move away from these oppressive, sexist and racist religions that cause so much conflict throughout the World to an inner spirituality more in tune with nature.

“These religions have many extremely selfless, caring and giving participants but the bases of the religions are flawed. Just read the Old Testament where God tells the Jews that the land of Canaan is theirs and over a hundred years of fighting and slaughter they kill the original fairly peaceful inhabitants and move in.

“How the end of the influence and power of these religions will affect us I do not know. But I do know that there will not be peace in Palestine and between Muslims and Christians/Jews until this happens. Western Europe is much more tolerant than it used to be as the power of the Christian church wanes. Western Europe is also more peaceful in the last 50 years than it has been in the past 2000 years. At this point war based on intolerance, greed and hate (the usual reasons for war) are less likely to start within Western Europe than in the past. It is a shame as the values that Jesus taught were 'love thy neighbor', 'turn the other cheek' and other messages of peace and tolerance.

“Maybe this is the time to start a completely new type of spirituality to replace to flawed older versions.”

This reader has hit on a trend that has been growing for years. The recent bestseller of “The Da Vinci Code” by Dan Brown is an example. So many religions have been misused by men and women of deceit that much of the public no longer trusts the institutionalized aspects of religion.

I believe that mankind wants religion more than ever, but they want the truth. There is a feeling that the real aspects of religion have perhaps been withheld by people who have misrepresented religion. Mankind wants the secrets of better living that religion should give.

So the question is what will this lead people to do? How will these actions reflect in the market place? Your opinion please. Let’s share.