Storing Trends

by | May 19, 2004 | Archives

A recent message about international investing asked for your opinion about trends that backlash might bring. Here is an interesting one…storage. The market for storage units has exploded. What will this mean and where will this trend go?

Recently when driving through Naples, Florida I noted that the storage units there look more like lush palaces than garages or sheds.

What can we perceive from this? First, we can surmise that people are storing more and more stuff. Second, we can deduce that mankind is being more organized and learning to store articles outside residential areas. Perhaps it also indicates that people are moving more often and maybe downsizing?

What does this really mean and where will this lead?

Let’s hear your opinion. How and why do you use storage? Are yours plain or plush and fancy? Why do you like a fancy storage unit if you have one? What might the backlash of this growth in these units be? Send me your thoughts. Let’s share.

Until then may everything you store bring you wealth and happiness.