Biggest Backlash

by | May 17, 2004 | Archives

A recent message looked at a defining word in my portfolio thought process which is sustainability, defined as “enough for everybody, forever.”

Sustainability is a backlash created from materialism and this is really creating a hot, new trend.

Society has a highly valuable concept called ownership. The concept is useful as long as we recognize that it is an illusion. We know that ashes to ashes and dust to dust really prevails. Factors way beyond our control mean that the best we can hope for is the temporary use of assets, for a lifetime, if we are lucky. Perhaps some will pass on to our kids. Rarely can we own much material beyond this.

Yet the concept of ownership is important as the battle between capitalism and communism has proven. Self-interest is a most powerful motivating factor.

Every strength also has an Achilles heel and the concept of ownership can create big problems. And with problems comes opportunity…or as the British say “Where there’s muck, there’s brass!”

So sustainability can mean many things. Partly it means that Merri and I want our lifestyle-portfolio relationship to be sustainable so we never run out of money. But there is more. Humanity’s experiment in materialism is out of balance. This imbalance is polluting our society(wars between the rich and the poor) and our environment (pollution in our weather, water, air and land).

My logic tells me that this creates a backlash of opportunity in businesses that offer products and services that encourage mankind’s economic sustainability.

I believe in the principle that life evolves in an efficient way. Pollution, war and such are inefficient. So where will this lead the flow of living we call mankind? I would like your opinion.

Until next message, may all your trends be sustainable.