Trends on the Backlash

by | May 14, 2004 | Archives

Ever dream of being able to invest in stocks, bonds or business opportunities after looking into the future? We can by simply watching what is happening today. The present really is the parent of the future plus investors and businesses never want to invest too far ahead of the here and now anyway.

The reader below suggests a trend I really agree with. How about you?

Here is what the reader wrote:

“Hi Gary, How are doing??? I see that you are looking for trends…Here comes a trend. It is for sure that the wellness industry is one of THE industries to invest in now and in the future. But there is an addition to bring to that. And that is called just good old fashioned “professionalism, quality and service.” If you combine that with the wellness, you create a guaranteed winner. Why is it so important to add this…?

“For a very simple reason, the Information Age has opened the opportunity to lots of people to set up shop, so to say, to start small companies, etc. But what is showing is that most are looking for a quick (big) buck, but aren't aware of the old fashioned words as “quality (of),service, professionalism, etc..”

“It doesn't matters how far we get developed or technolized, we can' t be successful without these key factors. Here is a practical illustration what we just experienced.

“We recently set up in Mexico (yes, in Mexico), a franchise for clinics and spas where people go to get better, relax, etc… Next to that we set up a distribution network for all kind of products, materials and equipment related to the health and wellness profession.

“Guess what…..within 3 months of activity, this little adventure is booming….with zero publicity till now, the first clinic works with 3 people 6 days a week full time. The distribution took off like a rocket. You will ask why…? Nothing fancy! We simply imported very simple, old-fashioned professionalism, decency, quality and service.

“What this comes down to is that certain trends come back!”

Actually what this reader spotted is the fact that some trends never leave! Good personal service is something that people have always wanted and will continue to pay extra for. His business is benefiting from the backlash people feel from poor mechanized dehumanized service.

So if you are looking at investments or a business, look to see if they give good professional personal service.

An upcoming message shows another way that backlash works and how one writer is really profiting. Until then, good investing.