Trends in the Air

by | Apr 30, 2004 | Archives

This seventh lesson in our course on how to spot and take advantage of investing trends, business trends and economic trends looks at how you can see the future. We can see the future in the here and now and extrapolate information that can help you see which type of businesses and investments are likely to grow.

For example, four years ago I began suggesting we would see huge changes in the market for care which is one of the largest markets in the world. Families are turning over every aspect of their care to professionals. We see growth in day care, old folks care, assisted living care, etc.

I even suggested we would see big changes in the funeral business. It is estimated that the U.S. market for funerals is 20 billion alone. Perhaps we will even see professional mourners.

This is not without precedent. In ancient times there were professional mourners, mostly women, who gathered at temples, clapping their hands, singing dirges and lamentations. Busy people cannot always travel when they wish.

I have not found professional mourners yet, but the recent newspaper article shows how the trend is moving this way.

This was in the March 19 Tampa Business Journal. “Trends in the funeral home business indicate clients want more personalization and one local company thinks technology can give it to them.

“Lifetime Memorials Inc. is an Internet marketing company that recently launched an online memorial Web site product for funeral homes.

“The product allows homes to offer a dedicated online memorial for a client's deceased loved one that can be accessed through the Internet. Features include a home page, biography, music, funeral schedule and information, photo gallery, burial site location, eulogy, donation page, guest book and a funeral video feature.”

Here is another similar service recently announced in the Press World when it wrote:


“Altamonte Springs, FL (PRWEB) July 28, 2003 – Cherished Media Corporation announced today the availability of an electronic delivery method associated with its highly acclaimed Cherished Video Tribute service. Funeral Home clients can now order video tributes and upload client-family photos via Cherished Media's proprietary desktop Windows application, Memory Center.”

Cherished Media Corporation offers the leading video tribute service dedicated solely to the funeral service industry. For more information visit their website at, email them at, or call them at (866) 764-5518.

Thee is also a huge growth in ash scattering services. People can have the ashes of their loved ones spread over oceans, over forests lakes, or even sent into space.

The thought here is not that you should invest in the funeral business but the fact is, if we remain alert and think we can see where the future is heading in the here and now.

Until next message I hope the future you see is bright!