Where to Invest Now

by | Apr 19, 2004 | Archives

Here are investment ideas that cover China, India, and bonds that pay 9% or more. A reader recently asked me where should I invest $60,000 now? Of course I could not answer a question as broad as that but my banker Thomas Fischer at Jyske Bank did. Here is what he shared.

“Dear Sir, The answer to your question to Gary is dependant on your risk profile.

“We have just launched a new Chinese equity mutual fund and are introducing an India mutual fund in June. These offer good opportunities but with medium to high risk.

“You can look into different currencies at this time especially Australian dollars yielding approximately 5-6% and Hungarian forint yielding 9%.

“You can invest in more than 20 different currencies through Jyske Bank at very competitive prices. Should you want to investigate the Jyske Bank opportunity, please log onto www.jbpb.com to learn more about our products and services or contact me at fischer@jyskebank.dk

P.S. You can meet Thomas Fischer in the Bahamas, save dollars and much more.

Since its inception I've worked closely with the Sovereign Society and they are hosting the19th Annual Premier Offshore Advantage Seminar, Grand Bahama Island, May 5-9, 2004

Because of our long-standing relationship, I have been able to arrange an incredible special deal for my readers to attend this seminar.

This is a great opportunity to gain access to top-performing investments and offshore wealth-protection strategies. In addition to a $100 discount off the regular price I've negotiated a deal whereby two people can attend this event for the price of one!

Thomas Fischer from Jyske Bank is just one of an extraordinary panel of experts from around the world who will teach you innovative ways to invest globally today so you're protecting your capital and growing your portfolio offshore and on… no matter what the major indices do. You'll learn about little-known secrets like a 'double-dip' investment opportunity that could earn huge potential profits that also offer a tax break. You'll also learn about trading foreign currencies. Learn at least one way that's easy, safe, and reliable. You'll also discover that international real estate can provide astounding returns of 900% and more and invaluable protection against a tumbling dollar.

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