How to get lucky

by | Apr 14, 2004 | Archives

May I be honest? Investment, economic and business trends have made me one of the luckiest people in the world. I am genuinely surprised, that I have been able to help our five children obtain the highest education of their choice. That we have been able to travel the world, have multiple homes, all the cars and material stuff with zero debt, yet still have millions in the bank, plus hundreds of thousands flowing in every year. Equally important Merri and I have been able to enjoy amazing friends from around the globe.

In fact I am so surprised I had to look back and ask why? The answer to this question leads to four, simple, international investing tricks that can help you be financially lucky as well.

Talk about luck. I really did get put in the right place at the right time from the very start. My first lucky place was Hong Kong. I was just 21 years old when I arrived to live and work there. This luck in the late 60s helped me see just the tiniest glimmer of a new trend at that time, the expansion of the global economy.

From that initial fortuitous point, just four trends, each linked and leading to the other made the difference from my doing just okay to doing well. Here are the trends.

The first trend was the economic emergence of Australia, Germany, Britain and Japan. I stumbled across this trend and recommended just four mutual funds. They skyrocketed. (You can learn more about these in a later message.)

This trend led to the next, the economic emergence of the Asian Tigers, Hong Kong, Singapore, South Korea. By this time I had an inkling of what trends meant and cashed in. Then I started looking for the next trend that was the economic emergence in Latin America, beginning with Brazil and Mexico.

By the time I had gained so much from three trends, trendamania (if I may coin a phrase) had set in and I was looking hard. The fourth trend is the Wellness Revolution which I am heavily involved in now.

Spotting these trends earned me a fortune, but blabbing about what I did right is not the point.

Seeing that I really did a lot of things wrong is what gives the valuable lessons.

As I wrote about, worked and invested in each of these trends; I made frequent, numerous, sometimes horrible blunders and errors. In fact there were so many mistakes, I sometimes wonder how I survived at all.

The reason for my survival? Throughout my entire career I have had the luck to invest in and have a business in the strong trends.

Trends tend to erase and/or make up for errors. When you have the energy of a powerful social or economic shift supporting your business or investment, your chances of being lucky increase dramatically. Try to always invest or do business in a strong trend!

In the series of messages that follow over the days ahead, we’ll look at trends that are developing and why they might succeed.

More importantly we’ll look at what creates trends, how this works and how to spot and catch them in your investing and business.

But first I want to ask you a favor.

If you have been reading this site for long you know I am very stuck on the Wellness Revolution. I recognize that this focus can be like a set of blinkers. Each of you probably sees some different, powerful trend I am missing completely. Let’s share.

Please drop me a note telling me trends you see. I’ll pass them on.

No individual can know the whole, so let’s use this beautiful network we are to enhance everyone’s strength.

Looking forward to spotting trends with you!