Carcinogen found in wells

by | Mar 31, 2004 | Archives

A recent article in a Sarasota newspaper stated that county officials were rushing to extend water lines to homes where water wells have been found to contain carcinogenic industrial solvents.

Testing last year discovered vinyl chloride above levels acceptable to the state. The county installed water filtration systems in the affected homes, but testing this year found six more wells that exceed state limits, and more than a dozen other wells where vinyl chloride or another solvent were present at lower levels.

Such stories repeated in place after place tell a sad tale. We are running out of pure water.

Messages at this site for some years have urged readers to invest in water and we remind you of this idea here. This goes beyond good business. This is an investment that could help sustain humanity.

One potential investment is Vermont Pure Holdings Ltd which is listed with the code VPS on AMEX. Details are at

Vermont Pure Holdings Inc. bottles, markets and distributes natural spring water under the Vermont Pure and Hidden Spring brands to the consumer, natural foods and home/office markets. The company sells to the consumer and natural food markets primarily in the New England, Mid-Atlantic and Mid-Western states while it sells to the home/office market primarily in Vermont and parts of Northern New York, Massachusetts and New Hampshire.

Another company to watch is Micropack Bottled Water, a national leader in the manufacture and sale of value-tier, single-serve bottled water products. It recently purchased the single bottle plant from Vermont Holdings, Inc.

Micropak is currently funded by several venture funds including Ampersand Ventures and New England Partners of Boston and Prism Opportunity Fund of Chicago. New investors supporting this acquisition include Convergent Capital of Minneapolis, Minn., Boston Community Ventures of Boston and Fresh Tracks Capital of Middlebury, Vt.

A great source of information on potential water investments is at which presents a stock portfolio of investments in water at

Until next message I hope that abundance flows like water to you.