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Dear Friend, We don't promote International Living as an investment newsletter. But our track record for making money for our readers is, in fact, better than that of most financial newsletters in the world. International Living has a tremendous track record for turning its readers on to highly profitable investments: * In 1983, International Living told readers to consider Costa Rica.

Back then you could buy a two-bedroom home in San Jose for $19,500. Now those homes sell for up to $200,000. * A bit later we recommended a special area on the southern coast of Spain, where you could buy a beachfront villa for $30,000. Today that place would sell for about $250,000. * In 1987, we suggested readers invest in Acapulco, when you could grab a quarter-acre lot on the beach for $950. Now that lot would sell for about $75,000. That's a return of some 40% every year for the past 16 years! * In 1990, we wrote about deals in downtown Dublin. The city was considered a backwater then. Then came the “Celtic Tiger,” and homes that went for $45,000 in the early '90s sell today for $250,000 and up. * In 1992, we tipped our readers to Roatan, the largest of the beautiful Bay Islands off mainland Honduras, where, at the time, beach homes were selling for a mere $15,000. Today, you can't buy a home on Roatan for less than $150,000. Had you bought when we first recommended, you'd today be looking at a return of 33% a year every year since. The truth is, few investment letters can match our track record for profits. Not even those investment newsletters that sell for as much as $5,000 a year. Plus, you get much more than great international real estate investment ideas from International Living. No “typical” investment publication offers you the amazing travel and lifestyle-enhancement ideas that come in every issue of International Living. And, of course, international real estate isn't just a profitable investment idea. It's a great way to enrich your life and improve your lifestyle, as well. We guarantee it! Here's the deal: Just give International Living a try.

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