Tipping Point & Nostalgia

by | Mar 26, 2004 | Archives

Who would think we can gain a message about investing and the tipping point from Pabst Blue Ribbon beer? We can.

The unlikely resurgence of Past Blue Ribbon beer was recently featured in an AP article by Jonathan Drew and points out how a few young consumers in Portland Oregon started the trend at Lutz Tavern when this local hot spot added PBR in 1999 to replace a discontinued regional brew.

Conditions for tipping were just right. The 160 year old brand is described as nostalgic and kinda hokey, plus is one of the inexpensive brands, a good thing in 1999 after the 1998 stock market crash. This seed of opportunity was fertilized by college students rebelling against the establishment including established name brand beer and by women who find most major brand beer advertising gender demeaning.

The surge began with the trend setters, punk rockers, people into Bluegrass, kayakers and mountain bikers.

Then the early adaptors caught the PBR fever and it spread first to San Francisco, then Seattle and finally across the nation. Sales rose 5% in 20002 and 15% in 2003. Read the book the Tipping Point and see where you think sales of PBR will go in 2004 and 2005. Chances are there will be phenomenal growth of this brand for these years. You can learn more about the Tipping Point at https://www.garyascott.com/articles/74/index.html

Until next message, good investing!