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by | Mar 9, 2004 | Archives

Natural Awakenings is a monthly publication started in January 1994 to respond to the growing appetite for information about natural health and medicine, personal growth and social consciousness, spirituality, relationships, earth friendly living and other global issues.

This is a publication that really does care and Merri and I have made one of our largest investments in this.

Now I invite you to join us and own your own magazine in your city (if it is not among the 30 we now have up and running).

I cannot project profits or income because there are so many variables that can affect the outcome of your specific business. What I can say is that I believe this is one of the greatest areas for growth in the decades ahead and that after looking at dozens of investment opportunities around the world I chose this one to become involved.

This is not based on theory either. Natural Awakenings currently has 26 franchisees publishing magazines in 26 cities since 1999 and growing (four more cities are now reserved).

In a recent survey nearly 90% of the franchisees said they would recommend a franchise to prospective buyers.

A CVC advertising audit shows that 80% of the readers purchase products or services from ads they have seen in the magazine. Over 51% percent of the readers have a household income over $50,000. 72% of the readers are aged 25 to 54 and the magazine was rated higher than TV, internet and other print publications as the number one source for health related information in audited markets.

Why invest in the wellness field?

The answer is I believe this will be one of the largest economic revolutions over the next 20 years. Economic messages at my site have been looking at this potential for some time.

You can learn more about this thinking in a message sent and another sent later at Another message at written in October 2002 looks at this opportunity in another way.

Plus the huge U.S. government debt means there will not be money left for free health care when we baby boomers start to retire in just six years.

If you agree with me on the economic potential of this field, read tomorrow's message or contact me at

Until tomorrow, good investing!