Care for Profit

by | Mar 9, 2004 | Archives

On our recent trip to Ecuador I was reminded of how much the Western world's drive for greater productivity has eliminated care.

The reminder came via the crassness of the security system. With hundreds of international trips under my belt travel and official rudeness almost runs off my back like water off a duck. I almost expect this and remind myself that I am dealing with stressed out people trying to survive pretty crappy jobs. I just concentrate on smiling, ignoring, being friendly and just getting to the plane while ignoring the inhumane treatment.

Yet even with all this experience and attitude, this last trip, after being forced to remove my hat, my coat, my computer and my shoes, in the confusion thereafter of getting everything back, I walked off without my lap top computer.

Fortunately Merri was able to dash back and retrieve it at the last minute. In doing so she learned from the guard that Miami airport alone ends up with hundreds of computers a week that they auction off. Our hearts could not help but go out to these multitudes who are so stressed and confused by such a system. There are no reminders, no safety checks, nothing to help and assure those who have to strip out all their goods for inspection. If this uncaring exercise can confuse even veteran road warriors, what does it do to the casual traveler?

The system does not seem to care. So based on the belief that what mankind yearns for most is what it no longer has, any business that builds caring into its system will do particularly well.

This is not as hard as it would seem. Care, understanding and compassion are natural parts of the human condition. We don't have to train people to know how to feel this way. A business simply has to stop its system from stifling care.

So next time you look at a potential business or investment look to see if the systems in that business treat people like human beings or numbers. See how the business treats its employees (care like water flows downhill).

If you invest in businesses that really do care and try to let that care flow from management to its employees to its customers, your chances of success will truly grow.