Earning through Travel and Tourism

by | Mar 5, 2004 | Archives

Washington Post's travel section recently called Ecuador “a friendly one-stop shop for volcanoes, jungles and beaches”. This is not telling us anything. Ten years ago I wrote, “Ecuador will always be a great place because it sits on the equator which contains a special energy. Ecuador has it all. Beauty, convenience, low cost and opportunity and is unique for many reasons. This is the closest source of direct sunlight 365 days a year to the US (just 3 hours and 45 minutes from Miami). The topography ranges from sea level to over 22,000 feet. Going from the coastal plain into the mountains of Ecuador the bio diversity is the same as going from the equator to the Arctic Circle. Ecuador has it all and has many things that no other place has. For example did you know that trees in Ecuador do not have seasonal rings? There are more species of birds, plants and insects than just about anywhere else. The locals are sweet, welcoming and friendly. There are four regions, Amazon, Andes, coastal plain and the Galapagos. There is such a variety that few can see it all in numerous trips yet it is all compact inexpensive and close to home.”

All of this creates a wonderful tourist opportunity so I am pleased that our friend and tour operator Santiago Guamani has created a tour business opportunity.

Santiago operates a successful tourist business, Ecuador Amazing, and is looking for agents to work with to cerate and market tours. If this appeals to you, send me a note at gary@garyascott.com and I'll share details. Until then, good investing.