Learn Spanish in Three Weeks in Equador

by | Mar 4, 2004 | Archives

To learn in the sun is fun! Now there is a way to enjoy three full weeks of direct sunlight and solve one of the biggest communications problems that face a great deal of the English speaking civilization.

Spanish is the second largest language in the world. Chances are a huge Spanish speaking population lives south of or around you. Yet our language system did not teach us how to communicate with or understand this culture. Now there is way, to enjoy an entire month in the sun and learn Spanish that is so incredibly inexpensive I would not believe it.

However, Merri and I have known the owner of the largest Spanish school in Ecuador, a Norwegian businessman who lives in Quito, for many years. I have worked with him continually and found him of the highest integrity.

That’s why we are so excited over the special Spanish deal he has created for the 10th anniversary of his school in 2004. He calls it “the Discover Ecuador Program for Learning Spanish”. The program includes Spanish lessons in groups or “one to one” at four destinations in Ecuador. This appeals to anyone who wants to speak Spanish get to know Latin culture, discover all three regions of Ecuador; the Amazon jungle, the Pacific coast and the Andes highlands for three weeks!

This is a special offer with limited space that starts the first Monday of every month for group lessons and with individual lessons a person can start any Monday and join the program at any of the 4 locations. The program is really exciting. The price? Unbelievable. The first session is in Quito, Ecuador’s capital and one of the most beautiful colonial cities in the world. Then you head for the Amazon Jungle where you will see cultures and rain forests that you will never forget. Third you study in Cuenca, the Colonial City, perhaps the most cultured, clean and stunning towns in all of South America and finally head to the Pacific Coast for a week’s stay at one of the most charming ecological centers made of bamboo Merri and I have ever visited. You’ll also visit Isla de la Plata, an island just off the coast that is called the “Poorman’s Galapagos”. When we were there, we had a wonderful experience, including a first hand look at the world famous blue boobies. There is an optional weekend trip to Papallacta spa which consists of all natural volcanic springs ranging from fiery hot to cold, located in a high and remote mountain valley. At night you can lay in a naturally warm pool and watch stars glitter so brightly you breath will be taken away (easy at the 11,000 foot altitude). The restaurant serves delicious organic food and this is one of the best healing and spiritual spas Merri and I have ever visited and we go there again and again. Now here is the exciting part the Price. Individual lessons are a mere $1100. Group lessons $ 1000 for the entire three weeks! Believe it or not this prices includes:

* 70 hours of Spanish instruction

* Accommodation with families in Quito and Cuenca, all meals included

* All weekdays activities in Quito and Cuenca

* City tours in Quito and Cuenca

* Accommodation, meals and guided trips at the jungle lodge

* Accommodation and trip to Isla de la Plata at the coast

* Airport pickup in Quito

* Internet in Quito and Cuenca

* Ecuador map

Which is your desire? Do you want to understand and communicate with your Spanish speaking neighbors better? Or do you just want to get away to the sun? There will never be a way to do this in such style.

Group lessons starts the first Monday every month. Upcoming courses begin April 5, June 7, July 5, Aug. 2, Sept. 6, Oct. 4, Nov. 1 and Dec. 6

Individual lessons starts any Monday.

$1300 Individual/$1000 Group

You can assure your space with a $250 deposit per student (refundable up to 30 days before the course-then only refundable after if another student is found). The course fee is payable in full two weeks before your class begins.