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by | Mar 3, 2004 | Archives

This is an opportunity that allows you to earn and benefit in at least three ways.

Ten years ago after completing his job as director of the Olympic Village at the 1994 Lillehammer Games, Merri's and my friend Kjetil Haugan moved from his homeland of Norway to Ecuador and started the Simon Bolivar Spanish school in Quito.

Today this is one of the largest language schools in South America averaging 40 students a month. Most of the students register through the school's website. 50% are from the U.S., the rest from Europe and Asia.

Last year Kjetil decided to start a second school in the colonial city of Cuenca (where costs were lower). This is where the opportunity lies for 15 investors. Kjetil leased a 30 room house one block from the main plaza in Cuenca's historic district and began the school's first lessons in September 2003. This facility is now teaching ten to fifteen students a month.

Kjetil is now offering to sell 30% of the equity in this school so he can expand. He is offering 2% blocks to 15 owners. The investment for 2% is $5,000 and the business plan shows that returns could range from 12% to 56% a year.

But there is much more than just this part of investment opportunity.

The investment will be used to upgrade the school building, add equipment and increase the school's promotion, but the main reason for bringing in owners is to develop a group of agents who bring students to the school.

This opportunity is far beyond an investment. This is a working business opportunity because each investor gets an agency that receives 20% for each student brought in by the agency as well as the equity ownership. You can earn income for each student you enroll.

Here is what makes this opportunity really special. Kjetil has completed a preliminary agreement with the language department of University of Azuay to become a part of the language facility of the university.

Students who attend this school will receive certificates and university credits. This university is considered among the best universities in Ecuador and is the seat of the Catholic University in Cuenca.

Kjetil's school is the only Spanish school in Ecuador with such an agreement which gives it a great competitive edge.

Finally there is one third benefit. Each investor receives free Spanish lessons at the school whenever they decide to be there. This alone can be worth more than the $5,000!

Merri and I are really excited about this because we tried offering the school's program ourselves and met with a huge response. I tested the market by writing one article about the school for a small magazine. We received hundreds of inquiries and dozens of students have enrolled. (at $1,400 each) in the first month.

If you are looking for a business opportunity that has excellent investment and earning potential, plus gives you a chance to travel globally and benefit humanity, then drop me a note at gary@garyascott.com. I have a six page business plan about the school that Kjetil sent me. If you have an interest, just let me know. I'm happy to share this with you.

Until then, good investing.