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My wife Merri and I originally moved to Ecuador to get away from the crowds and the hustle and bustle of Western life. We wanted to enjoy the unique culture and experience a different way of life.

In this process we have discovered special real estate opportunity in Colonial Quito and more! Tourism, education and import-export offer special ways to make profits and earn as you live or travel in this horizon broadening land.

Let’s start with the real estate in Old Quito. This area is one of the most magnificent pieces of man's infrastructure that has been almost totally unused and offers a grand Ecuador investment. With the help of Unesco and the Ecuadorian government the entire area is being restored. To attract investors for Quito real estate and new residents in Quito property these renovated properties are being sold for pennies on the dollar. Here is history, architecture and structure that cannot be duplicated even if 100 times the selling price were spent.

So Merri and have updated a report “Opportunity in Ecuador, Land of the Sun” that is available now at our www.garyascott.com website

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Ecuador offers numerous earning and living advantages.

One benefit is low cost living. You learn in the report how to live there for $177.50 a month and how to buy a brand new condo in Colonial Quito for as little as $37.18 a month.

A benefit beyond the low cost is the high quality of life, the safety and the opportunity to earn income and all this is covered in the report.

There are many business opportunities such as the idea sent to me by a French delegate from a group we took to Quito.

“Ever since I came back from Quito in March after attending your seminar-which I so thoroughly enjoyed-I have been aware that I would like to start up a small business and in doing so help the Ecuadorians in some tiny way.

“It has also become an obsession that in the future I must spend part of my winters in that wonderful country! (I think in one of my past lives I have lived there!)

“I bought a couple of sweaters from Galeria Latina and have shown them to friends both here in France and in the UK, and they created a lot of interest.

“As you may remember I do not have a lot of capital so cannot buy huge amounts of stock. So this is where I would so much value your opinion and advice. What about a mail order catalogue or sales on the internet? There is already an English company which sells Peruvian clothes through a catalogue and some of their sweaters sell for over £400! I ordered a dress for my niece a couple of years ago and it took 6 months to arrive!

“I really enjoy reading all your newsletters-long may they continue. I appreciate the fact that you are a very busy person but if you do have a moment to put down any ideas on the subject I would be most grateful. Do hope all is well in your world-please pass on my best wishes to Merri. Strange things seem to be happening in France at the moment. With kind regards from C.”

My reply below provides a business idea that will work in many types of small businesses. Here was my reply.

“I am delighted to share some thoughts. I see several ways of doing this. First I have seen the Peruvian catalogue and you are right, they charge an arm and a leg for their products.

Ecuador is a perfect place for small business people as their industries are composed mainly of small businesses. Few big companies export from there because they cannot get sufficient supply.

I suggest selling from inventory. Build slowly. If you take orders and then try to get product from Ecuador you may be overwhelmed with customer service problems. The task of continually telling everyone when the shipment is coming could be too much to bear. Buy as much as you comfortably afford, sell it and buy a little more each time.

An alternative is to buy and show samples, take orders and when you have sufficient orders (with a deposit that should about equal your purchase price), fly over and buy….plus enjoy your time there.

Call your service “Andean Buyers Club” or something like that. The story is simple. There are wonderful sweaters, coats, clothes, etc., in the Andes, but who has the time to get them all? You will be the customer's personal buyer. Give them an E catalogue, let them send you their order with deposit and credit card (so you can charge the balance when you return with the goods). When you have enough orders to cover your trip and give you a profit, run for DeGaulle! Good luck!”

You can live inexpensively in Ecuador and earn in such simple ways. To find out more order our Ecuador report here

The safety you gain while living there is important as well. The message below from a reader who has been living in Ecuador gives insights to how life in a third world city can be.

“Hi Gary, I just read your response regarding security in Ecuador and I could not agree with you more in reference to tourists not knowing what areas are safe nor how to behave. I also agree with you that Quito is no more dangerous than any other large, urban area in the world.

“I do have a couple more comments that I would to share, and please feel free to share my views with anyone you like. I lived in Quito for three years and only just recently moved back to the U.S. in order to complete my graduate schooling. I am very familiar with all regions of Ecuador and love the people, the biodiversity, the scenery, and the lifestyle. However, I have had my share of security issues and have talked to a lot of other people about this too.

First, of all, walking on the street in Quito is really only a security issue in the Mariscal sector. In these places, criminals have learned that tourists are an easy target and unfortunately hunt down easy-looking prey. Other than this, it is generally not advisable to walk alone or even in small groups at night in other parts of the city as well – especially the parks (but would you walk around in Central Park, NYC at night? – please!)! However, Mariscal can be visited safely by keeping personal belongings tucked in and put away, traveling in groups, keeping a sharp eye out, and staying out of dark corners. Additionally, taxis are very cheap in Ecuador and should be taken advantage of. When going out to bars or dinner in the evening, always take a taxi from one place to the next – even if your destination is only a couple of blocks away. Save your hiking for your weekend trip to Imbabura – the inner city isn't the place for it! I don't say that to scare anyone, I feel the same way about Washington, D.C.

“As for living in the Quito area, it can be a wonderful experience if proper precautions are taken. In regards to traveling in Quito, it is generally very safe. The Andean region (Sierra) is basically safe right up to the border.

Sincerely, AH.”

My report shows how to earn income as you live and or travel in Ecuador. You can order this email report which tells how to take advantage of opportunity in Old Quito and much more here

Or you can learn more about how to earn through tourism.

Washington Post's travel section recently said Ecuador is the fifth fastest growing tourist destination and called it “a friendly one-stop shop for volcanoes, jungles and beaches”. This is not telling us anything. Ten years ago I wrote, “Ecuador will always be a great place because it sits on the equator which contains a special energy. Ecuador has it all. Beauty, convenience, low cost and opportunity and is unique for many reasons. This is the closest source of direct sunlight 365 days a year to the US (just 3 hours and 45 minutes from Miami). The topography ranges from sea level to over 22,000 feet. Going from the coastal plain into the mountains of Ecuador the bio diversity is the same as going from the equator to the Arctic Circle. Ecuador has it all and has many things that no other place has. For example did you know that trees in Ecuador do not have seasonal rings? There are more species of birds, plants and insects than just about anywhere else. The locals are sweet, welcoming and friendly. There are four regions, Amazon, Andes, coastal plain and the Galapagos. There is such a variety that few can see it all in numerous trips yet it is all compact inexpensive and close to home.”

All of this creates a wonderful tourist opportunity so I am pleased that our friend and tour operator Santiago Guamani has created a tour business opportunity.

Santiago operates a successful tourist business, Ecuador Amazing, and is looking for agents to work with to cerate and market tours.

If this appeals to you, find out about Ecuador in my report as it shows how to earn income as you live and or travel in Ecuador. You can order this email report which tells how to take advantage of opportunity in Old Quito and much more at here

Or you can learn more below about opportunity in Spanish because there is an opportunity in Ecuador that now allows you to earn and benefit in at least three ways.

Ten years ago after completing his job as director of the Olympic Village at the 1994 Lillehammer Games, Merri's and my friend Kjetil Haugan moved from his homeland of Norway to Ecuador and started the Simon Bolivar Spanish school in Quito.

Today this is one of the largest language schools in South America averaging 40 students a month. Most of the students register through the school's website. 50% are from the U.S., the rest from Europe and Asia.

Last year Kjetil decided to start a second school in the colonial city of Cuenca (where costs were lower). This is where the opportunity lies for 15 investors. Kjetil leased a 30 room house one block from the main plaza in Cuenca's historic district and began the school's first lessons in September 2003. This facility is now teaching ten to fifteen students a month.

Kjetil is now offering to sell 30% of the equity in this school so he can expand. He is offering 2% blocks to 15 owners. The investment for 2% is $5,000 and the business plan shows that returns could range from 12% to 56% a year.

But there is much more than just this part of investment opportunity.

The investment will be used to upgrade the school building, add equipment and increase the school's promotion, but the main reason for bringing in owners is to develop a group of agents who bring students to the school.

This opportunity is far beyond an investment. This is a working business opportunity because each investor gets an agency that receives 20% for each student brought in by the agency as well as the equity ownership. You can earn income for each student you enroll.

Here is what makes this opportunity really special. Kjetil has completed a preliminary agreement with the language department of University of Azuay to become a part of the language facility of the university.

Students who attend this school will receive certificates and university credits. This university is considered among the best universities in Ecuador and is the seat of the Catholic University in Cuenca.

Kjetil's school is the only Spanish school in Ecuador with such an agreement which gives it a great competitive edge.

Finally there is one third benefit. Each investor receives free Spanish lessons at the school whenever they decide to be there. This alone can be worth more than the $5,000!

Merri and I are really excited about this because we tried offering the school's program ourselves and met with a huge response. I tested the market by writing one article about the school for a small magazine. We received hundreds of inquiries and dozens of students have enrolled. (at $1,400 each) in the first month.

If you are looking for a business opportunity that has excellent investment and earning potential, plus a way to travel globally and benefit humanity, then order my report as it shows how to earn income as you live and or travel in Ecuador. You can order this email report here