Wellness and Kapawi

by | Feb 11, 2004 | Archives

While here in Ecuador inspecting Ecuador real estate and conducting our International Business Made Easy course we came across a recent article in the New York Times entitled “Ecuador Indians Fend Off Oil Companies With Tourism” shows another way to enhance your investments and business.

This article tells how there are growing numbers of jungle tours offered by resorts and eco-lodges across Latin America. The appeal includes walks through mysterious forests, strange birds shriek and unseen rustlings.

The twist covered in this article are that there are many ecology-friendly getaways operated by tour companies. The Kapawi Ecolodge reviewed in the article is unusual as it is run with the participation of the Achuar, the region's dominant Indian tribe.

The lodge is an increasingly important symbol of the native’s independence and helps them resist oil companies and gives the natives options to oil exploration.

The lodge uses solar power for. Water is heated in heavy black bags set in the sun. Over two thirds of the employees are Achuar.

One quote in the article says:

“Kapawi is an exception among eco-lodges because it tries to practice what it preaches in terms of community involvement,” said Amanda Stronza, an American anthropologist who did a case study on Kapawi for the Stanford University Graduate School of Business.

The fact that the lodge is not cheap (it costs $1,800 a week per person, excluding air fare), yet attracts people from around the world shows the power that the wellness revolution has now.

This trend is growing and similar lodges now operate in Peru and Bolivia as well as Africa.

Such trends are perfect examples of how the wellness revolution works, benefiting the poor, helping the environment and showing once again that the best things in life are not always things.

When you look at business opportunities or investment opportunities look for elements of this trend at work. You will profit beyond the balance sheet if you do.

Until next message may you and your investments be well.