Profit from getting well

by | Feb 10, 2004 | Archives

Here is a letter that a Ph. D Professor of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology sent to the manufacturer of Ted’s Stuff.

“I actually tried some of this for treatment of athlete’s foot (don't laugh too hard.) But I figured if it killed all of the stuff that you said it did it would probably work on this fungus as well. Not to mention that my foot was driving me crazy and I had forgot to get some medicine for it. Anyway, I did a 1:15 dilution and sprayed it on. A couple of applications later, by the next day it was gone. I was amazed. Granted this is not a scientific study, but thought that you would want to know. If it works on that it should also work on jock itch (same fungus just different location). Not sure what the market is for athletes foot/jock itch medicine, but the stuff seems to work. Will keep you informed of any other strange uses.”

We currently cannot claim that Ted’s Stuff is a cure for Athlete’s foot or for many of the uses that readers tell us that work. This is where the business opportunity comes in.

Ted is looking for a distributor to handle his retail orders. It is a good idea to become involved before some of these uses become validated. If you have an interest send me a note at

There is more on the various uses of Ted’s stuff at

Until next message, good investing and business.