Double Growth

by | Feb 9, 2004 | Archives

Many messages at this site have focused on opportunity available in the wellness revolution sector. Here you can see how to take advantage of this revolution in one of the strongest industries of all.

Much of the world’s greatest wealth has been built in three sectors, real estate, banking and publishing. This is why I paid special attention to an article in Media Post’s, Media Daily News On Monday, Jan 19, 2004.

The headline read “Alternative Papers Grow At More than Twice the Rate Of Mainstream Dailies” and pointed out that local newspapers had a difficult time in 2003. Growth was below 2.5%.

Then the article concluded that some papers – especially alternative newsweeklies – performed considerably better. According to year-end 2003 estimates released by the Alternative Weekly Network (AWN), ad spending in alternative papers rose 6 percent in 2003, beating the overall ad industry growth by more than double.

There was an explanation that some of the largest mainstream newspaper publishers have launched alternative papers in an effort to capture younger adult readers.

This to me is proof again that even in difficult times and difficult segments of the market, the wellness revolution has strong support and reaches every aspect of society.

Name an industry and you can see how the wellness revolution is having an impact. Look at construction (avoiding sick building syndrome), the auto industry (eco cars) food (organics), chemicals (bio degradable cleaners), even manufacturing bicycles (helmets) are all impacted in some way. This impact is positive for the world and good for business so whatever sector you research, look for the wellness aspect there.

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Until next message, good investing.