Valuable lesson and a test

by | Feb 2, 2004 | Archives

The last six messages have provided a valuable lesson we again learn about here.

The world is in currency turmoil now. So tell your friends to study the free course International Currencies Made EZ at

Yet we want to go one step further and look at what investors can do to maintain the purchasing power of their investments and savings from the onslaught of diminished currencies.

The most recent six lessons have looked at four ways to make intelligent diversified investments in numerous currencies to save ones purchasing power and more. Looking through these lessons can reveal a valuable lesson so look at them again in order.

Have your assets kept pace with the stock market rise?
The third way to protect against the falling US dollar is to invest in good value markets abroad.
Best value stock markets now
Learn the six major stock markets to avoid
Best emerging markets
Dangerous emerging markets

Then let’s have a test. What valuable lesson did you gain? Please share it with me at We’ll use this to learn from each other.

I am in Ecuador now so will share what you all send me on my return in two weeks.

Until then good investing.

Read my reports from Ecuador beginning tomorrow.