Amazon Cocktail

by | Jan 14, 2004 | Archives

Our friend and attorney Andres Cordova just sent this message to us today.

“ Dear Gary:
Just a brief note to share the following:

Migrants continue to send record amounts to Ecuador
Last year we hit an all time high in oil revenues
Prognosis for this year for the oil sector is very favorable
Ecuador’s country risk is at it lowest in 20 years
We appear to be in a buyer’s market for real estate
Quito’s new international airport, a landmark project, should start construction earlier this year
A bid to award the construction of a new highway between Quito and Guayaquil is already out
Ecuador is set to explode as a touristic destination. Ecuador and the Galapagos are already touted as one of the most sought after destinations in some travel publications
And last, but not least, this year’s Miss Universe pageant will be held in Ecuador. This will allow us great exposure, which is consistent with Ecuador’s efforts to awaken its vast touristic potential

Mix in traditional instability (or the perception of it), shake well, and you have an interesting cocktail that should be good opportunities for those who seek well.


Recent messages at this site pointed that the way to gain in Ecuador is to buy when times seem bad, but events are improving. This note from Andres suggests that timing is very good now.
Until next message, good investing.