Learn 18 Secrets of Selling on Ebay

by | Dec 28, 2003 | Archives

Here are 18 subjects our Ebay experts Davis and Tammy Rorer will share injust one of the sessions at our International Business Made EZ course next weekend, June 6-7-8. Learn how these experts have been marketing local surplus for five years as well as products exported from Ecuador.

1. Discover the easy way to get paid quickly for every item you sell. Find out how to even earn interest on sales income!

2. How to have a free debit card on your account that allows you to purchase inventory at a 1.5% kickback.

3. Learn how to open not just one, but several online fixed-price stores that multiply your sales by listing each item for only 5 cents or less.

4. Discover how to automate winning bidder emails, payment received emails, and shipped item emails to all your customers, thus increasingyour valuable free time.

5. See how to multiply yourself and your sales by listing any and all auctions, Ebay, Yahoo, Amazon, etc, all at once!

6. See the best way to automate just about everything, while still selling 100's of items a week, saving you days of precious time and work! Do it once and forget practically it!

7. Discover how to find out about secret 'special' deals and 'free' listing days on the auctions!

8. Learn how you can easily keep a Feedback Rating of 100% customer's satisfaction! Very important to potential customers!

9. Capture your customers email address in a simple database so you can notify them automatically of specials or closeouts!

10. Find out all the secrets of learning little known facts, like earning points for listing, sales, customers; that turn into money in your bank account!

11. Learn how to start your auctions anytime or day in order to hit target markets for no additional charge!

12. See how to have checkout carts at no extra fee, to encourage customers to keep on shopping in your store and jump from one auction to another of your items!

13. See how to Up-Sell your customers by adding “point of sale items” at your check out cart!

14. Gain the art of taking great photos every time and how to post up to 8 images on each auction at NO additional fees!

15. Have fun and do what you love while your computer keeps on making money for you!

16. Learn how to find products at unbelievable low costs to sell in your auction/store and have someone else do your shipping for free!

17. WIN items at other auctions with the new Secret Auction Sniper!

18. Learn how to list single items or hundreds online VERY quickly!

Gain five years of experience that our eBay team has collected in sellingauction goods. Learn all this and much, much more! This is just one of numerous sessions which include how to increase business through writing and through seminars. Full details of the course are at https://www.garyascott.com/courses/ibezcourse.html

We have one regular free accommodation left for this course.

To enroll now go to https://www.garyascott.com/catalog/