One more secret

by | Dec 26, 2003 | Archives

The other is that Merri and I are students at Clayton College of Natural Health ( Merri is working on a Ph.D. in Natural Health and mine is in Holistic Nutrition. You might ask why would the two of us, financially independent, with a successful business and nearing retirement age, go back to school?

There are two reasons worth sharing. One reason conveys a thought worth thinking during the Christmas holidays and comes right out of my current text book, by Elliot Haas, M.D. One chapter covers the vitamins-Vitamin C, Vitamin E, the Bs and Vitamin K, etc. Then, Dr. Haas, threw in one that at first I thought was for humor. He wrote about vitamin L. Then the more I thought the more I realized this was serious and totally true.

The second thought about why Merri and I enrolled at Clayton comes from Ray Kroc’s, (the founder of McDonalds restaurants) “Grinding It Out” which I read thirty years ago. I don’t have anything good to say about Kroc’s food, but I have kept this one thought for three decades and it is a perfect one to share as we now look forward to a new year.

“If we are not learning anything new, we are in a rut and a rut is nothing but a grave with the ends kicked out.”

We have shared numerous messages about the power of the “Wellness Revolution” ( There is no way to stay tuned to nature’s changes than through studying nature and this is what the wellness revolution is about.

So may I offer this additional holiday wish to you. Merri and I wish that through the holidays and in the year ahead you discover (or rediscover) and gain excitement and enthusiasm about something new. We hope that you tap into the “Evolutionary Cycle” which is:

Get an idea that leads to enthusiasm.

Let the enthusiasm lead to an education.

Let the education lead to action.

The action will create a profit or loss and experience.

The experience will lead to more ideas.

(An education of course is not necessarily a formal one!)

(learn how this cycle is supported by nature at We hope that this flow of nature makes you richer in every way!