A Christmas Thought

by | Dec 25, 2003 | Archives


Many messages at this site look at how important it is for investors and business to catch the national psyche or public mood. So when the recent novel, the Da Vinci Code by Dan Brown became a best seller, I took notice. This top selling novel is about the Rosy Cross which is an East – West divider of earth the runs through Paris. Since Merri and I live part time at our hacienda Rosaspamba (The Place of Roses) on the Equator (the North – South divider), I took notice. What do roses and lines along the earth have to do with ancient orders and investing? And what does this have to do with Christmas?

The success of the Da Vince Code shows that the public has a great interest in ancient orders and their role in history so I began studying the Ordo Sancti Joannis Hospitalis. In English this is the Order of Knights Hospitaller. http://www.knightshospitaller.org/knightshospitaller.html They and the Knights Templar are featured in Brown’s book. Knights Templar. http://www.knightshospitaller.org/intro.html

I found that Albert Einstein, Albert Schweitzer, Alexander von Humboldt, even Michaelangelo and many other names you would recognize have been members. These men and the Grand Masters all had one special thing in common. They were men of peace.

Yet these orders were founded nearly a thousand years ago around 1048 because of a war. The hospitallers built and ran a hospital in Jerusalem and the Templars protected pilgrims visiting the Holy City during the crusades.

These Orders exist because of a war but are based on beliefs about how to attain peace. Here is the simple Christmas thought that these orders have passed down for a millennium.

“We are all one. We have more in common than we have differences. Love one another and live in peace.” These orders have celebrated the birth of Christ, which offers hope to everyone and shows that all negativity can be overcome by the positive power of love.

This was just confirmed in a wonderful Christmas article in the current issue of the Economist magazine http://www.economist.com/displaystory.cfm?story_id=2281976 entitled “A Mary for All” which points out new evidence on links between Judaism, Christianity and Islam. One portion explains how Mary is Islam’s most honored woman and that she is the only one to have an entire chapter named after her in the Koran.

So here is the message from two orders founded nearly a millennium ago because of a war. “A thousand years is enough. Let’s love one another regardless of race, religion or creed. We have so much more in common than we have differences. We’ll all be more abundant if we have peace on earth for all men!”

Merry Christmas to you one and all.

Gary & Merri