Swiss portfolio update

by | Dec 17, 2003 | Archives

On my recent business trips to UK and the Far East many of you asked me to send out a short message when we take action in the market in instruments that are equity linked but still are an alternative to direct equity holdings.

So here is part of what we are doing this week:

New issues we subscribe to:

1) Gold Certificate Plus (knock out) issued by Credit Suisse; 2% allocation in our portfolios as substitute of former Gold Mine Certificate

2) Credit Suisse Commodity Fund Plus, substituting former Commodity Fund being redeemed early December; a typical alternative investment.

3) GOAL in Euro Floating Rate Nokia (Euribor + 6 %); 2 years, strike 10% below market. BLOCS / GOALS; Limits to be placed in secondary market:

US$ :

5.75 % GOAL Merck, due 13.10.2006, strike 44.96, limit 93 %

8.00% GOAL Telmex, due 9.8.2004, strike 31.87, limit 99 %

BLOC IBM, due 8.10.2004, strike 95, limit $ 83.-


7.25 % GOAL Royal Dutch, due 7.11.2007, strike 36.39, limit 100 %

8.125 % GOAL DaimlerChrysler, due 19.9.2005, strike 30.87, limit 93.7 %

BLOC Royal Dutch, due 24.9.2004, strike 40, limit 34.50%

Swiss Franc:

6 % GOAL Novartis, due 16.7.2004, strike 50.68, limit 100 %

BLOC Nestle, due 21.5.2004, strike 290, limit 270.–

BLOC Zurich Financial, due 18.6.2004, strike 180, limit 155.–

You should not engage in any of the above if you are not familiar with the risks involved with BLOC, GOAL and equity investments and without properly checking which individual issues fit into your portfolio and are in line with your risk profile. Investors should only buy GOALS and BLOCS on equity names they feel comfortable to hold long term. If you have any questions we are happy to help. For more details on BlOCS and GOALS go to Here & Here

You can reach Andreas Kaegi at Bulach Private Client Services at the email address:

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