Healthy Investing = Wealth #17

by | Dec 1, 2003 | Archives

The Wellness Revolution may represent the biggest social shifting technologies of the past two centuries, more important than the railroad, automobile, telephone, television, airplane, personal computer and internet. There is a huge and growing health problem that touches one billion consumers: the population of Japan, the U.S. and Western Europe. They will spend greatly for ways to live longer, better and more happily.

This revolution will grow in two ways, through holistic life style changes and via high tech.

I have been asking our eClub advisors for ideas on investments in the health field and the information below on a high tech health business comes from Teddy Christiansen.

“Gary, Here is information on an investment possibility (not a recommendation) in a company that is in the WELLNESS INDUSTRY.

The goal of this revolution is to improve health and extend life and I believe this firm fills this criteria.

“Competition in the Medical/Wellness industry is stiff and intense research activity to create better medicine and drugs is required. Several of the largest medical organizations have outsourced this research activity, to achieve better results and at the same time reduce their own staff. Several firms offering research in the Wellness field are taking advantage of this trend and Decode Genetics in Reykjavik, Iceland is a good example of such a firm. Research is the company’s only product.

“Iceland has unique resources.

The company has a special advantage because Icelandic legislation gives Decode Genetics access to a database that includes all living Icelanders and stretches back to the settlement of the country 1,100 hundred years ago.

“This is very unique because Iceland’s isolation and harsh climate means there are very few immigrants. This fact has caused the Icelandic Population to be considered one of the purest races of the world.

“DECODE has used a population genetics approach to isolate 15 specific genes and has located genes involved in more than 25 of the most common diseases. This is an unmatched record of success.

“Decode`s business concept is to identify the genetic causes of the common diseases and develop new drugs and diagnostic tools. Using their understanding of human disease, their research is aimed at finding ways to diagnose and counteract the underlying biological DECODE has DNA samples and detailed disease data from more than 100.000 volunteer participants in more than 50 disease projects.

“Almost half the adult population of Iceland is participating in one or more of Decode’s research projects, as are more than 90% of all Icelanders over the age of 65. Decode has the largest genotyping facility of the world, capable of generating 30 million genotypes per month.

“DECODE holds a license from the Icelandic Government to build and to commercialize the Icelandic Health Sector Database. This database is now under construction will assemble encrypted data from patient records from the National Health Service of Iceland in a secure computer system.

Current Disease Projects include:


Atropy / Allergy
Rheumatoid arthritis.


Asthma (Genes isolated)
Cerebrovascular disease (stroke)
Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease
Myocardial infarction
Peripheral Vascular Disease.


Benign prostatic hypertrophy
Prostate Cancer


Alzheimer’s disease
Anxiety disorder
Familial essential tremor
Multiple Sclerosis
Parkinson’s Disease
Schizophrenia (Genes isolated)


Macular degeneration



METABOLIC & Other diseases

Familial Combined Hyperlipidemia
Non-insulin-dependent diabetes (Genes isolated)
Obesity “
Osteoarthritis “
Osteoporosis “

“DECODE was founded in Reykjavik in 1996 and is the worlds leading company in population based genomics. Besides a larger group of Icelandic employees, DECODE employs people from around 20 different countries and representing numerous areas of expertise. DECODE also operates drug discovery and structural facilities in Woodridge, Illinois, Bainbridge and Washington.


DECODE has forged alliances in all areas of its business with

Emory University School of Medicine
Roche Diagnostics

“Decode’s shares have been quoted at NASDAQ since April 2000 and its symbol is DCGN. Shares are denominated in USD in the U.S. and in Euro at NASDAQ in Frankfurt. The shares were selling in the $7.50 per share range at time of this writing. This is far below its all time high of $30 per share and makes the shares interesting because and the fall may have been caused because DECODE was listed when NASDAQ was at an all time high. Just listing almost all NASDAQ stocks depreciated to a catastrophic low value for the investors.

“Most NASDAQ stocks benefited from a huge appreciation in the months up to the March 2000 high, but DECODE shares did not benefit from this growth. The shares rose from a $25 price at listing to $30 then crashed to nearly $2 per share, before beginning the rise that has led them into the $7.50 range.

“You can find more detailed information at Decode’s website .

This type of investment is not for everyone and this is not a recommendation but I hope that this interesting research not very well known in the States may help some investors.”

Eclub advisor Teddy Christiansen worked nearly 31 years of his 42 years of his banking career with Jyske Bank, and now runs a global banking consulting service. Teddy does not recommend investments but analyses and manages bank and investment accounts so investors get the best service and lowest fees from their banks and brokers. I use his services extensively and highly recommend this service for investors who have multiple bank and investment accounts.