Scams Everywhere

by | Nov 28, 2003 | Archives

eClub advisor Leslie Share reports how even the institutions are ripping us off when he gives us valuable information:

“Gary, investors have to take care because even the biggest of institutions can suck them in. Recently the U.S. attorney in New York charged 47 people in foreign exchange scam.

“The alleged scam consisted of a system that created millions in losses from illegal trades. One big concern is that traders from some of Wall Street's best-known firms, were involved according to officials.

“James Comey, the U.S. attorney for the Southern District of New York, told reporters that employees of J.P. Morgan Chase, UBS, Societe Generale and Dresdner Kleinwort were among those arrested as the result of an 18-month undercover probe titled ‘Operation Wooden Nickel.’

“Comey said, that these traders participated in a multimillion-dollar scheme that spanned all levels of the currency-trading market and charges range from money laundering, conspiracy, securities fraud and wire fraud. Over six months, the investigation uncovered 123 fraudulent trades, but the scam may have been occurring for more than 20 years.”

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This is not the only scam you have to watch out for now.

One of our friends and researchers, Sir Davis Rorer shared this warning for you.

“Hello Gary! Just got this new scam email that looks pretty authentic. Although they have my name wrong. I thought you might want to tell your readers. This is implying that it is for a ‘non-auction’ item. Implying Ebay. Looks like another clever way to get you bank account # and empty it out!

Your Secret Spies, Davis & Tammy!”

Here is the message that Sir Davis warned us about. The email comes from a site called Swiftpay and says that someone is trying to pay you money (in Sir Davis’s case they offered $450***see below):

“Congratulations! This is an automated email message regarding someone sending you money through our secure Swiftpay(tm) online system. The following are details about the transaction, please review them carefully:

– Date: November 21, 2003 – Time: 9:50AM -PST – Transaction: SP04118582157 – Currency: US Dollars (USD) – Amount Sent: $450.00 – Payable to: – Sender: Samuel Hosse – Country: USA – Type: Non-Auction, Other

“The sender wishes for you to receive funds through our secure online system, from where you can request the amount to be transferred directly to your bank account or a check sent through snail mail. In order for you to be able to receive the amount of $450.00, you must follow the directions:

1) Signup for an account (free to receive) 2) Wait for account activation and receive your code. 3) Transfer the amount to your account by providing the Transaction ID 4) Request the funds to be wired to your bank or a check to be sent through snail mail. 5) Keep the SwiftPay(tm) account for future transfers.

You may use the link in Step 1 to sign up, click here

Its a pleasure to service you, Margery Orr SwiftPay Online”

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I have shared this thought on scams many times before but will share it again.


Until next message may you always be protected, but remember the old Arabic saying to trust in God but also be sure to tie up the camels at night!