The Sun Never Sets

by | Nov 18, 2003 | Archives

My goal for nearly forty years has been to help readers realize that a global view means the sun never sets. We can pick and choose where we want to live, earn income, bank, do business and invest. Expand your horizons and you can go where living and investing is best for you…not just where you were born. Technology, not just fate, allows us to share in directing our destiny when we take this worldwide view. But such vision requires knowledge so for decades it has been a privilege to be contributing editor at International Living, one of the most comprehensive publications in the world. This magazine offers more usable data about where to invest, live and retire than any I know because its publisher Kathleen Petticord has assembled an incredible team of researchers who continually scour the world for inside information on good places to live, retire, earn and invest. Learn one unique way this can be of benefit to you right now at